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Former House Speaker John Boehner threw cold water on the prospect of congressional Republicans following through on their pledge to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act

John Boehner Finally Tells The Truth About Obamacare 2/26





China grants Trump a trademark he's been seeking for a decade 2/19/17




Hundreds demonstrated Saturday by the courthouse in the northeast Paris suburb of Bobigny, calling for justice for the 22-year-old man arrested Feb. 2 in Aulnay-Sous-Bois during a ID check by four police officers. The young man — who is still hospitalized — says he was sodomized with a police baton. The situation has sparked a week of nightly unrest in several small towns with minority populations. One officer was charged with aggravated rape and three others with aggravated assault. All deny the allegations.

Gangs of French youth clash with police in Paris suburb 2/12/17




Trump just got checked and balanced 2/5/17




Assad linked to Syrian chemical attacks for first time (Reuters exclusive) 1/1/17







When it was Palma's turn in court, Judge Richard Walton was short. Palma tried to explain that he was an American. But Walton simply asked Palma if he wanted time to get a lawyer; Palma said yes. Court recordings obtained by NPR show that Palma then softly asked Walton what his chances were of staying in the country.

You Say You're An American, But What If You Had To Prove It Or Be Deported? 12/25/16





Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said Israel will re-assess its ties with the United Nations.

The move comes after the Security Council adopted a resolution demanding an end to Israeli settlement building on occupied land.

The resolution was passed after the US refused to veto it, breaking with long-standing American practice.

Washington has traditionally sheltered Israel from condemnatory resolutions.

Israel settlements: Netanyahu orders UN ties review 12/25/2016




Snowden says Petraeus disclosed ‘far more highly classified’ secrets ‘than I ever did’Exclusive: Snowden says Petraeus disclosed ‘far more highly classified’ secrets ‘than I ever did' 12/6




In 1927, Donald Trump’s father was arrested after a Klan riot in Quees 11/25




People are crying: It's not because they lost a race 11/12




Clinton's charity confirms Qatar's $1 million gift while she was at State Dept 11/6




DNC boss Brazile claims WikiLeaks emails 'doctored' in contentious interview 10/30/16




US: Philippines' Duterte sparking distress around the world 10/29




Hacked emails raise possibility of Clinton Foundation ethics breach 10/15/16




Trump: 'Zero chance I'll quit' 10/8





North Carolina congressman: Protesters 'hate white people' 9/25/16




Newly-Leaked Democratic Memo Calls Black Lives Matter ‘Radical,’ Tells Staff Not To Offer Support 9/5/16




Maine Governor Paul LePage criticised for 'racist' remarks 8/22




Moment in Convention Glare Shakes Up Khans’ American Life 8/7/16



WATCH: Tim Kaine Makes Campaign Trail Debut:
'I Like To Fight For Right'  7/23/16




Chris Christie, shaking off the disappointment of being passed over as Trump's running mate, performed a show trial of Hillary Clinton, whipping the crowd into frenzied chants of "Lock her Up! Lock her up!"

Donald Trump claims GOP mantle 7/21/16


Angry mob pelts South Korean prime minister with eggs, bottles7/17




Lots of U.S. companies invest in the UK as a gateway to the rest Europe's market. Companies like Rolls Royce and JPMorgan warned before Thursday's vote that leaving the EU would put those investments and jobs in the UK at risk. Big companies and banks may also move staff to Germany or France to avoid disruption to their EU business. Why's that risky for the U.S.? There's a real fear that increased unemployment in the UK and all the uncertainty could push Britain into a recession, and it could take America's economy down with it.

5 reasons why Americans should care about Brexit 6/26




They say he is suspected of accepting the money, personally and through an intermediary, in return for protecting dodgy investment business in the region.

Russia governor arrested over '€400,000 bribe' 6/26




He's known as the
On Policing In Baltimore, Activist DeRay Mckesson Gets Retweets. Can He Get Votes? 4/15




The Atlanta travel ban follows similar actions by the mayor of the District of Columbia, the Boston city council and the governors of Washington, New York, Connecticut and Minnesota.

Mississippi Passes Most Anti-LGBT “Religious Freedom” Bill To Date 4/5



President Nixon

Report: Aide says Nixon's war on drugs targeted blacks, hippies 3/26/1



While most of the focus of Tuesday night's primaries was on the battle for the White House, something extraordinary occurred in two local elections. Both Chicago's Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez and Timothy McGinty, the Cuyahoga Prosecuting Attorney in Ohio, lost their bids for re-election.

Chicago prosecutor loses her fight with Black Lives Matter 3/17/16



Perfect Example of why Donald Trump is Winning 3/16/16


"Thank you very much for your attendance and please go in peace."

Trump supporters, protesters clash after Chicago rally postponed 3/13/16


Russian Influence on Trump was sealed years ago... Property used to Lauder

Foriegn nations visited thus far, have been falsly convinced that Trump backs their position example: Saudi, Poland, Russia

CRONYISM, NEPOTISM AND CONFLICT OF INTEREST - Words that go un addressed by our Republican Congress and Senate

Politics Quickies


Singer Justine Skye takes a knee while performing national anthem at Brooklyn Nets home opener

Admirable Character Trait of

"Principle Honoring"

Singer Justine Skye takes a knee while performing national anthem at Brooklyn Nets home opener When you stand by one of your individual principles, it gives you great pleasure to do so..., because you are 1 of 10 thousand who will actually do so.

1 in 10 thousand people actually know what their individual principles are... and 1 in every 100 thousand would be willing to take a stand for something that directly affects their honored principles.

To stand by your principles in instances... where people would truly believe, that your crazy for take that type of position about something that matters to you, speaks to the degree of significants of the words spoken by MLK....

Judge Me By The Content Of My Character

When the content of your character is empty, you have no principles, you stand for nothing, you are a follower that is wiling to be led like a blind pig.

Justine Skye has "Content Of Character"

and she shows it with her stance.







Colin Kaepernick’s grievance alleging collusion adds more heat to NFL owners meetings


Good explanation for this issue here:

The Entire NFL Ownership, and the NFL Management Office

Colin Kaepernick’s grievance alleging collusion adds more heat to NFL owners meetingshave their pants, laying bunched up around their ankles, and they are leaning over the proverbial "table" minus the Vaseline.

Colin Kaepernick is a QB that has proven his value and there are several existing

NFL QB starters that are not as good as Kaepernick, not to mention the guys that have been brought on a team, after a injury of a currently starting QB, leaving the team

with having to find a quality QB.

There is no argument that could be construed as

"plausible or worth considering" in this instance, by Owners of NFL Teams or the NFL Office.

Colin Kaepernick will get "DOUBLE" his fair market value, plus lawyer fees when the dust settles, and if I were Kaepernick, I'd simply retire from NFL Football... with a nice bank account....

 and refuse to participate in any NFL future activities, based on a

"Flawed Collection of Racist & Demoralizing Group of Imbeciles"

who just happen to be extremely rich, but who are very









Europe helped draft the Iran nuclear deal. Now E.U. leaders seek to save it from Trump pressure.

World Leadership Conscious of Trump's Idiocy

Every Good and Conscious Laws and Rules enacted by the Obama Europe helped draft the Iran nuclear deal. Now E.U. leaders seek to save it from Trump pressure. Administration are specifically, being removed by Trump, based not on clear and prudent thoughtful decisions, but, based on the sole "Idiocy Foundation" of Trump.

The Danger of electing a completely flawed person is being realized, with Trump's actions being noted and plotted against by Nation's Leaders... around the world.

Prudence and Leadership in the

Republican & Democratic Parties

completely failed the American Citizens... by allowing the two worse American Presidential Candidates to represent the only two political parties in this nation, and now these two political party's can do nothing..., as this man represent this nation around the world.

Trump is a danger to the world specifically, because he is the American President.

Democratic & Republican Parties

are at complete fault for where this nation is.








Rep. Tim Murphy announces resignation in wake of sex scandal

Another Hypocrite Resigns

Republican Tim Murphy, a long time serving politician who takes a solid stance against the "Abortion" and anything associated with

"Abortion Rights".

However, Tim Murphy's position on "Abortion" is only superficial because as soon as he is in a circumstance of getting his woman

"on the side" pregnant, he requests that she get an


Hypocrisy is the appropriate word that continue to describe people who preach against something until the individual is in need of that something that he/she has preached against.

Tim Murphy has always been a Hypocrite, and I would suggest you listen very carefully..., to other politicians... who take a stance against something, because we know that a politician... never stand for anything unless they can benefit from it.







Teenage football players kicked off team for kneeling during anthem

A Reason to Break You Foot Off in someone's Ass

There isn't anything that cause me to rise more than witnessing an abusive adult taking action on a Child/Youth.....

In this case, a "Pastor" who serves as a football coach for a church, opted to demand that the young boys "Remove" their uniforms immediately, in front of everyone, because the youth chose to stand by a thing that matter to the "youth".

This is the exact same "religious" adult who expects the same youth to feel a sense of respect for "his (the adult)" feelings/beliefs regarding the national anthem.

Can you say


If I were the father of any of these two boys, I'd gladly spend a couple of years in jail for placing my foot deep up this guys ass, in an effort to help him to reconsider the possible ramifications of his acts and actions... that intrude on the life of another youth....

that could be construed by the youth's loved one as being...,

outside of his hypocritical perspective, as a bitch ass adult.



This is an instance of life...., that..., it is very good thing...,

that I can't actually... sit across from a person who have done a thing like this to a youth.

It would be worth sitting in jail for 3 years, after I put my foot in this man's ass for the way he treated these kids

This man should have left this instance alone or resigned.







Tennessee business owner pulls NFL ads over 'unpatriotic' protests

Trump Leads, and the Racist CEO's Follow

Just as this picture suggests, "Money" reduces a

Rich White Racist Man to His Knees.

Tennessee business owner pulls NFL ads over 'unpatriotic' protestsSo long as the Black Athletes continue to perform like the "steeds" they are paid to mimic, the owners are happy and smiling. 

But, if these hybrids are testy, and threaten to protest, thereby, possibly cause the high volume money flow to slow down, ...well these very racist owners are willing to get on their knees to perform all types of acts..., in order to ensure that these commodities produce.

Sports is a Business First, and human behavior, when challenged,
have no bounderies or restrictions, thus, the human being becomes unpredictable and care not for business expectations.

Get Down On Your Knees Team Owners









Interpol approves Palestinian membership despite Israeli opposition

Israel's plot thickens with Palestinians Membership

Israel's dominance over the Palestinians has begun to diminish, in that, for decades, Israel's demand that there be a negotiation process between the Palestinians and Israel... has yielded false hopes of anything that could be construed as a negotiation, specifically, because, so long as there is no agreement, Israel does not feel any discomfort at all.

5 years ago, Palestine, smartly, applied for the right to be assigned the "non-member state" with the U.N., and the United Nations General Assembly upgraded the status of the Palestinians to

"non-member state".

Dividends are being paid off, with this award by the international policing body, "Interpol", with Interpol admitting the Palestinian territories as a new member.

Israel's hold over the Palestinians is slipping away.







Congresswoman kneels on House floor to protest Trump's criticism of NFL

A Patriot Congresswoman takes a knee in protest

There comes a time when simply disagreeing does not suffice. 
Congresswoman kneels on House floor to protest Trump's criticism of NFL There comes a time when displaying a disagreeable physical act..., is actually the measure required..., to ensure that ones point is taken at the appropriate degree.

A Patriot of a cause takes a stance on the side of the cause, and will display his/her Patriotism for all to see, when the time is required.

In this instance,

Patriot Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas,

is ensuring that everyone in the world knows that she stand against

"Racist &  Racism"

coming from the white house.

I applaud Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, because she is a true "PATRIOT"

who stands against racist and racism...

which emboldens other racist.








Georgetown Law Faculty Take A Knee To Protest Jeff Sessions' Campus Visit

Empathy & Compassion for others forces

"A Stand"

Georgetown Law Faculty Take A Knee To Protest Jeff Sessions' Campus VisitWhen you can understand, and feel the pain...,

in the hearts of others... as you observe them being abused,

you have a heart of

Empathy & Compassion.

If you have a heart that feels empathy and compassion for others, then you are the type of conscientious person who can not turn away, as you observe others being abused.

The entire staff at Georgetown Law Faculty are people who have heart of compassion and empathy, and they took a stance against a like minded racist representative of Trump, in the name of Jeff Sessions..., they took a knee in the simulation of a position used by a football player who chose to "kneel" during the playing of the national anthem...

in protest against Police Abuses that Black Americans

must endure daily.

I applaud this move by the entire Georgetown Law Faculty, because it ensures that Sessions understand... that the people with whom he is visiting, do not share the same perspective that

he and Trump share.








Jared Kushner Used Private Email In Trump Administration, Lawyer Confirms


Say it ain't so....  It can't possibly be true....

Someone from the Trump family committed the same crime that Trump destroyed Hillary about.... USING EMAIL.

Not only does Trump have members of his staff using personal email, (a huge taboo when you have a government job and your are talking to the President, which is a classified conversation daily),

this hypocrite Trump... have proven in several instances to "not" practice what he preach, by actually doing the things that he criticize others for doing.

Thus, when a Trump representative actually do the thing that Trump railed against, provides the evidence to call Trump a









London mayor says Britain should not host President Trump on state visit

Trump, First President "Asked Not to Show" by another nation

There were many nation's leaders who, under their breath, loath London mayor says Britain should not host President Trump on state visit former President Bush, but, they new that he had a nation behind him, and his words were backed by Republicans 100%.

But, Trump has brought a different type of hate from the entire world, and for the first time in American History,

a Mayor... representing America's most honored relationship, is requesting that the nation of the United Kingdom, do not host Trump.

Racist, Bigot, Liar, Ignorant, & Un-Trust Worthy

are the type of words that describe this Trump, and these are the type of words that have cost this nation in a huge way.

Embarrassment is what all Republicans ought to feel when they speak their political loyalty out loud, because they elected a completely flawed representative that is a "racist".









Japan PM says time for North Korea dialogue is over

The Concerns Just Got A Lot Higher

Japan PM says time for North Korea dialogue is over The last thing that this world need right now, is the Asian Nations... to begin any type of beef between each other, possibly leading to any type of physical war!!!!

Japan and China's History

is there and it wasn't pretty.

 North Korea and

South Korea are still going on because a conclusion of the war... never was established. 

The Philippines and Vietnam are areas of the world that can become a hot spot if and when anything kicks off.

Japan's chose to begin defending themselves 2 years ago, and now, they are speaking of their own

"Defensive War Capabilities",

only cause us to wonder, how long will it take for Japan to smack back at China or North Korea?

Trump's words has gotten the wrong type or response.







St. Louis mayor calls out cops for 'Whose Streets?' chant

Arrogance & Egotistical wearing a "Badge"

St. Louis mayor calls out cops for 'Whose Streets?' chant Servants of the Justice System and

Protector's of the Innocent...

are not the type of character that exist in the current members of the Policing Department serving men and woman today.

The Power of the Badge,

The Power of the Position,

The Guaranteed Gang Style Membership & Gang Style Loyalty, is why they serve.

There is no sense of Honor as a honest and loyal representative of the law

"for the citizens" that the individual police officer, serve each and every day,

12 to 15 hours per day.

Honor for today's Police Officers, are pledges first..., to the partner with whom they serve, second to the team within the police department that the officer serve with, 3rd to the police department itself, 4th to the entire Justice System itself, and never...
does honor include the tax paying citizens, who pay for everything that each officer wear, ride around in, and use to shackle, entrap, wound and kill citizens with.

Who Streets are they...



The Chanting is an example of the degree of miss understanding of the role that police officer's actually serve, to the extent that, this degree of miss understanding of the job is indicative of the leadership at every level of the Justice System.








New citizens: excited to get vote amid troubled times

Notice the "Silent Voices" of the Democrats on the Boarder Issue

New citizens: excited to get vote amid troubled timesBelieve it or not, there are a lot of "Racist" or "Light Racist" on the Democratic side of the only 2 political parties.

The facts speak for themselves, and Trump is the proof of that fact, in that, only the racist Trump Supporters could not have amounted to enough votes to give Trump the White House.

Regardless..., the newly blessed American Citizens, 9 out of 10, will not vote for a Republican, based on their racist fundamental foundation, and they are on the "Hot Seat"

based on their past 17 years of piss poor performance.









Mike Flynn's Son Is Subject of Federal Russia Probe

When Keeping it in the family, "isn't a good thing"

Just as Trump has opted to share his profession with his children, and this sharing has subsequently led to their inability to work outside of the Trump interest, due to Trump's reputation,

Mike Flynn has opted to include his children in his business interest,which in this case, may lead his son into the "cooler"

right beside Dad.

Lies, Deception, & Fraud,

has been proven, as it associates with Mr. Flynn's individual and personal actions, with respect to his, now known acts and actions, as the top ranking cabinet member of the Trump Admin.

Today, it is Flynn's Own Son,

that is under the Russian Investigation Microscope,

and if the Son, followed his father's lead and guidance,

the son will find himself in the

wicked web of the American Judicial System with his pants around his ankles, standing right beside his dad, who's pants also,

are around his ankles.








12 white men -- and no minorities -- to testify at Trump voter commission meeting

What's the same about 1917 and 2017 in this instance?

Even as the physical structure of the United States of America has 12 white men -- and no minorities -- to testify at Trump voter commission meeting changed since 1917, 12 White Men Deciding for all has not.

Even as the American demographics have changed in a significant way, such that, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and a grouping of other non-100% White American Citizens....

now represent 1/3 of the American Population....

still, 12 White Men Deciding for all has not.

Even as the Muslim/Arab corner of the world, changed in such a significant way over the past 9 years, to the extent that 40% of all Muslims/Arabs are now migrants after having fled for their lives, from the lands that they once called home, as part of the most powerful nations on earth at one time, yet,

12 White Men Deciding for all has not changed

It is not by choice that this occurrence continues to remain the same, but, the time for change has long past and when it does,

the 12 White Men Deciding for all

will suffer for the rest of human existence.







Asked if DNC system was rigged in Clinton's favor, Warren says 'yes'


Hillary Clinton's Flaws
were as blatantly clear as the
nose the sits between your eyes, yet,
the DNC... chose to back her 2nd run
as the DNC representative for the
U.S. Presidential Election


The many lies and miss representation of the facts,
The many deceptions and willingness to avoid clearly stating
where she stood on any specific subject ,
The many instances of poor judgment, one of which, gave a flawed elected President... the authority to take this nation to
a war that had questionable reasoning,
The blatant disregard for the rules on many instances, to include the refusal to follow rules, associated with using the same system of emailing, as all other federal employees... which was a blatant criminal act that would have landed me in jail,
The many speeches delivered to the same bankers, and extremely rich and influential bodies, that she chastise in front of Americans, provide $hundreds of thousands of dollars to be deposited into Hillary's bank account, specifically,
the result of her position awarded to her for a failed
Presidential Election in 2008....


by the female leadership of the DNC.


Following Flawed People will "Cost You Deeply"


Donna Brazil took temporary charge as the head of the DNC,
after Debbie Wasserman Schultz Resigned D.N.C. Post
after a trove of emails were released that exposed the plot to undermine Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign, in order to ensure that Hillary Clinton
"breaks the female glass ceiling".


Both Parties Conditioned Voters to "Abide"


As an American Citizen,
as a conscientious and decently intelligent individual,
I find it truly amazing that millions of fellow American Citizens,
have been so willing to "follow the lead" of anyone who preach loyalty to one party, or the other..., while not realizing that
both party members..., commit the exact same egregious acts,
...while neither party ever actually punish members
of the other party for their
illegal, immoral, or un-ethical acts and actions.


Read More






Facebook, Twitter and Google berated by senators on Russia 11/3/17


Face-book, Twitter, Google,

failure to manage user posts...

has costs us a nation


Venu Standards


Facebook, Twitter and Google berated by senators on Russia It is the responsibility of any media outlet, of any kind, to manage the content of it's users, to the extent that,
any vulgarity posted by any user... must be removed as quickly as possible,
any comments associated with racist and racism... must be removed as quickly as possible,
any threatening comments posted by any user, must be removed
as quickly as possible,
any comments posted by any user, that can be construed as criminal behavior, must be removed
as quickly as possible,
any political posting that can be construed as a lie, or miss representation of the actual facts, must be removed
as quickly as possible.


These are the bare minimum, common sense standards, that anyone who owns, or manage a media venue, be it,
a blog, website, or a TV. channel,
ought to be enforcing
on a minute by minute bases.


Management responsibilities include "enforcement"


Face-book and Twitter,
two venues that offers internet access to interactions
to billions of citizens around the world,
which also provide a venue that allows individuals to post comments, and content that can harm many individuals
"mentally, emotionally, and psychologically",
to the extent that suicides have taken place,
specifically, because the use of these two venues.


Trump, Putin, Clinton,
are 3 names that have been exposed for their
web of conflict of interests that have crossed nation's boarders,
and it is the citizens... who are the victims,
because a conflict of any kind,
imposes negative influence over decisions that directly affect
billions of human beings,
all over the world.


Read More








Donald Trump: LeBron James calls president a 'bum' after Steph Curry comments 9/25/17


Through Sports, Black Americans were able to "Rise"


If ever, you get a chance to watch the movie "Brian's Song",
even today, when watching that movie which captures the true race healing elixir called "Sports"...,
you will see, and understand the actual healing of relationships between Blacks & Whites during a time in America, when Blacks were still seeing the "Whites Only" signs,
yet hanging in specific cities and states.


Sports Force Personalities together
like a bowl of Marbles


I highly recommend that every child, male and female, play on two different sports teams, beginning as early as 4 years old..., through their graduation of high school,
specifically to grow indivdiual personality strength and to learn the concept of working as a team member..., and to ensure that the child interacts with other children of other races, because sports is the only activity in America... that the individual is judged based on the individual talent,
and not based on the skin color.


Blacks allowed to join sports, significantly enhanced the sport


When Baseball opened the doors to Black Players, immediately,
Baseball changed for the better, because....
so much talent was being ignored and denied to grow the sport.

It was that opening of the doors to Black Baseball Players that allowed a Black Human Being in America, to earn a living far above any, and all other American Professional Industry, and it was the beginning of the growth of
Blacks in America.


Years later, it was Football, then Basketball...
that opened the doors to Black Citizens,
and during those beginning years,
White Athletes were the first to live with, work beside, for long hours, day and night, with black team mates, and the White Athletes were the first to get to know the
hearts and minds of Black Men.


It's Time for Athletes to take a stance


Trump and the people of his ilk,
have attacked the American Athlete, in that,
when one is attacked,
all is attacked.


Read More






The Novel Argument in Support of a Revote 9/7/17


The Vote....

An American Institution

In Question


As an American Citizen,


my individual distinct power as an American Citizen,
unique to me, as the only individual that I am,
as guaranteed to my person by the U.S. Constitution...,
is my individual right to wield the power of
My Individual Vote.


As an American Citizen,


My Individual Vote,
represent my voice as:
* An American Citizen, anointed with the power to vote in any, and all elections, that I am authorized to vote in,
* An American Citizen, qualified to vote for any political party that I choose, with the expectation that my vote will be counted one time and one time only...,
with the above, guaranteed, irregardless of my
"Skin Color, Original Birth Location, Ethnic Origin, Sexual Orientation or Sexual Individual Identity,
Financial Status, or Physical Living Conditions


The New Threat, A Russian Infiltration


For the first time in American History, the
American Presidential Elections
have been compromised, by the nation that initiated the infiltration, being that of Russia,
and the apparent coordination with a willing American inside partner in a business man..., who's purported huge empire, was crumbling, and on it's last breath,
partnering with Russian representatives,
in a collective effort to destroy the democratic representing opponent, and change the existing relationship between
America & Russia.


 Per Jerroll Sanders individual unique skills,


we know there are laws associated with an
American Presidential Re-Vote,
if and when the events transpire that would cause any individual
American Citizen..., to question the authenticity of the
Presidential Election, based on validate facts
that suggest that the
American Presidential Election
was not completely clean,
and without question that
each individual vote was counted,
and that individual's vote was assigned to the candidate
that the individual intended to vote for .


Read More






Latinos Express Outrage After Trump Pardons Arpaio 8/28/17


The Maturity of a Nation Dictates a

Mature Change in it's Consciousness


The Maturity in the
"Growth of A Nation's Demographics"
is the sign that America is growing up as a
individual, and unique, nation on earth.


Latinos Express Outrage After Trump Pardons Arpaio The History of a "one race domination" for centuries... buffered the flawed human characteristics that were unchallenged
... because there were no competing race that witnessed the barbaric behavior of the human beings that tore apart the lives of slaves and their humanity.


The Civil War driven by
Conscientious Maturing


100 years after the slavery was abolished, decades added to a young nation, in what I would equate to a nation growing from a youth that never new the taste of a belt, to a young adult exploring the world and seeing that people are different in every corner of the earth, and so was this nation..., to those nations that are now seeing the inside thoughts of this young adult nation,
for what it really "Is".


Technology Reveals the true flawed behavior


The First Sting of Adult Consciousness in America
came in the form of the television..., displaying "live" viewing of the abuses of southern whites..., refusing to allow equal education for America's Black Citizens, the grandchildren of former slaves,
who were spit upon, cursed at, kicked and punched,
as they were escorted by this young maturing nation's own
National Guard, through the doors of souther white schools.


American Maturity Dictates it's Behavior


America's short 500 plus years of history is that of an infant, as compared to other nations, however, it is because of
America's Demographic Growth
that has forced America's Maturity to surpass all nations, to the extent that America's own history, is being self evaluated...
and the conclusion by the past dominant race... is that it refuses to acknowledge the past barbaric behavior, choosing to label ignorance and horrid behavior as "heritage".


Read More






Bernstein: We are in the midst of a 'malignant presidency' 7/2/2017


Finally being openly discussed

Presidential Requirements


At a bare minimum,
the individual that is authorized to serve as the
President of The United States of America,
ought to possess a package of human behavioral traits within the
Contents of His/Her Character
that would ensure that the individual is worthy of the most powerful office in the entire world.




The top of the list of
Human Character Traits
required to be a U.S. President, is a bare minimum degree of
Intelligence that, is obvious to all that meet, or speak to the President.  A College Degree does not suffice as a measure of the Intelligence in the individual, it is the individual's ability to
"Be & Wield"... intellectual thoughts and a
intellectual disposition during any, and all circumstances.




speaks to the individual's demeanor, and the individuals disposition when interacting with others, at any, and all levels,
during heated conversations, and during moments in time
when ones ability to present conscientious awareness,
and human compassion..., "is", absolutely, necessary.



Read More






Trump mocks TV host Mika Brzezinski's 'bleeding facelift' 6/29/17


Your Willingness to Ignore Flawed Behavior

will lead to the degradation of this Nation



Adolph Hitler,
also, spoke specifically to those who viewed Germany from his perspective, and those who did not agree with him, kept their mouth shut,
as Hitler's wave of hate, fueled the fire of the under layer of racism
spread like wild fire, all across Germany,
and the rest is history.


We are all Human Beings,
years before we accept the label of
"Anything Else, Anyone Else, or Anything But".

We all live a very long life,
full of thousands of decisions that we callously rifle through
our minds at light speed, and we rarely, take the mico second to acknowledged poor decisions that directly affect others in a negative manner, yet, when we finally acknowledge a poor decision, we are so used to ignoring other's poor decisions and poor actions..., that harm others negatively,
we expect others to reciprocate... and we
simply go on without actually acknowledging that...
the one that we harmed,
may have been a wonderful human being,
who have a long line of loved ones
who love and cherish the individual's loving hearts.


Daily, we,
see other's in pain, not physical, emotional or psychological pain,
... the simple pain of "struggle" to smile because the individual works to survive, and not work to get the higher quality of things
that one could allow one to feel a sense of "accomplishment",
or feel a sense of...
human dignity when arriving home
from a honest day of work.


I Say.... "NO"


Trump's followers who ignore his lack of professionalism,
and make excuses for his flawed acts and actions like subservient parasites,
as if his behavior is acceptable while his acts or actions,
do not currently negatively affect you and your life, will
eventually learned a long and harsh lesson that flawed people
will eventually turn against those whom worship him/her...
and they will feel the pain that other's have suffered, yet, it will be their screams that ring ten times louder and reach
"No Ears of Compassion".


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James Comey testifies: Former FBI director says he could not trust Trump to tell the truth 6/7/17


Blinded by Ideology

Unable to see or believe facts or the truth



I watched the James Comey, much anticipated, interview with the Senate, and

found that James Comey,

appeared to be believable, with regards to what he felt, as being

bullied by Trump...,

to opt to ignore the legal acts

and actions
by Mike Flynn.


James Comey reminded me that he is nothing, more or less,

than a human being, who have the same weaknesses as we all have,


when it comes to attempting to maneuver around within a working

environment, in which,

there is a chain of command,

there are many different types of personalities, to include bullies

who happen to be the top ranking person in the working environment,

and it is within these types of working environments,
that one would waiver when making decisions to st


Observing the Republican Response


For the remainder of the afternoon, and evening, I observed the subsequent interviews taking place,

between those who support the republican perspective,

and those who support the democratic perspective,

and those who supported the law with a democratic perspective,

and those who support the law from a republican perspective.


It is abundantly clear that the 2 Party Ideology has such a great foundation in our society that people who claim to be republicans,

and those who claim to be democrats, are, for the most part, are incapable of thinking from a
equal sided point of view, and are un able to come to a even minded conclusion that could be construed as even and fair,
regardless of who side the facts are in favor of.



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What is Hillary Thinking? 6/3/17


2 Party System... forced on

360 Million American Citizens


150 & 175 Years Ago,
the Republican & Democratic Parties were established, and for the same
150 & 175 Years,
these 2 Parties have designed rules and laws that have ensured any
3rd, 4th or 5th Parties..., would be impossible to
overcome..., in essence, guaranteeing that there will only be
only a 2 Party System in these
United States of America.


2 Party System Failed To Produce

For the past 50 plus years,
the 2 Party System, have produced deeply flawed candidates...
for all the power positions, at state and federal offices levels,
and as these candidates "content of character" continue to decline in quality, so to has the candidates willingness to honor the pledge of offices that they have sworn to uphold, to the extent that, we currently have a president, in office, who ignores..., any and all concerns of the opposite party that he ran against, and honors only 50% of the party members to which he ran for, thereby, reducing the constituency to less than a 3rd of the American Citizens that he blatantly serve.


The Un Represented far Out Number the 2 Party Members


Approximately 360 Million American Citizens
*50%, or 180 Million Voters for each party
*34% of all Voters are "non white"
*66% are white voters, divided into 2 parties, 33% each
*50% of whites, are unhappy with their parties they are hearded in,
equaling 118 Million Un happy Dems or Rep Voters


Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton,
the 2 Party System's Produced Candidates,
were equally flawed,
both of which, bad charachter include history of "Lies & Fraud"
both of which, hugely disdained by millions of Americans
yet, these were the only 2 cnadidates left standing and forced on
the American Population..., as candidates forthe office of the
Presidency of the U.S.A..


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China and Europe are moving forward without Trump 6/1/2017


The Trump Effect:

America Ostracized for Poor Leadership


Trump's Business Reputation...
as a business man, is now being imposed on the world as the president of the United States of America,
the greatest current nation on earth.


Trump's Business History,
includes 4 "Business Foreclosures", and a list of law suits...
one of which, he settled by agreeing to pay $25 Million
in cash..., for "Fraud", in association with
Trump University, weeks before taking the oath of office :
Trump makes $25 million payment for Trump U settlement


Trump's "America First" disposition, has already alienated him in the world of leadership, while at the same time, placing America in the position as a
Replaceable Option
as it associates to world leadership..., and world order of preferences.


Losing & Loser
is becoming all to familiar with all things associated with Trump as the
American President,
beginning with his initial attempt at initiating a broad ranging order to halt all visitors from 6 Muslim Nations, followed by a
devastating and crushing defeat by members of his own political party,
who have been chanting and demanding the removal of Obamacare
for 7 long years, yet,
"Flunked" in his initial attempt to pass the bill that would remove and replace OBAMACARE.



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Jared Kushner’s Sister Highlights Family Ties in Pitch to Chinese Investors 5/14


Kick out & Keep out the poor and

Sell U.S. Citizenship to the Rich



Cast System:
A caste system is a class structure that is determined by birth. Loosely, it means that in some societies, if your parents are poor, you're going to be poor, too.


The Grandfather of Donald Trump
was expelled from Germany for refusing to serve his, law required, time in the Germany Military, which lead to his subsequent migration to America, just years before Germany became the world's example..., of what
Racism and the acts of Racism
can do when the citizens refuse to take a stance against
flawed leaders in the seats of power.


Trump's Father, who, had his father remained in Germany, would have easily fit into the German's Racist Ideology preached by Hitler,
based on Trump's Father's own actions, as a son of an immigrant,
was arrested in the early 1920's, for marching with the KKK...,
and..., being arrested for assault
while marching in an intimidating act by the KKK.


Democrats & Republican Elected Officials concurrence


The Facts:

Republican Elected Leaders in the House and Senate,
have kept their mouths shut, as this abusive, and often ignorant, badly intelligent Trump..., impose his racist and caste style leadership on this nation,
primarily, because they agree with Trump's disposition,
based on their own feelings of the 99% of the
American Citizenship.



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Trump executive orders target tax rules, 'too big to fail' financial institutions 4/22/17


Plagiarismistic Presidential Administration

Nothing Original and Nothing New


You Voted It into the office of
President of the United States of America.


This Administration focus, has been on removing anything, and all things, that came before this administration, to include, the removal of significant rules and policies that have been set in place to protect the citizens of this nation,
against the exact type of fraud that led this nation.... to the closest
American Existence of Total Financial Collapse,
not seen since the American Great Depression.


Known rules and laws associated with the protections against
companies, callously, and carelessly,
dumping of poisons, into our rivers and lakes, are being removed,
by this Administration,
thereby, removing the rules and laws that would control what huge companies,
could be held responsible for causing.




No New Ideas or Concepts...
introduced by the seasoned newly appointed members of this administration,
only the focus on things that have already been established or created.


Like Plagiarist who steel small peaces of other peoples ideas,
and claim them as their own production,
this administration, has claimed huge accomplishments...,
for nothing that this administration
designed from concept, or
dreamed up based on a collection of facts.



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Why is it your right to take away my right to choose?':  14/16/17


Republican's Hypocritical

Position on "All Things"


If you cannot recognize a "hypocrisy" in people, then it's probably you who are the hypocrite, or, you associate with hypocrites just to be part of the


Example #2.  Rep. Markwayne Mullin, who actually "ran for office and won", now chastises those who he "chose" to represent, yet, because those who speak out against his acts and actions, are being demeaned by Rep. Markwayne Mullin, as if they are forcing him to actually do a job that he never wanted to do.


Example #3.  Donald Trump's Taxes, or his refusal to expose his taxes for all to see, as if his choice to run for the President of the United States of America, was a choice that comes with no "requirements" to open his history to the American Public, when this example of complete hypocracy, chased former President Obama for months, demanding that obama expose his
"Birth Certificate",


Example #6:    Trump, used the ignorance of the average voter against the ignorant voter by  using Nato & China as the subject of hate charges, that worked so well, that Trump appeared to have convince all

of those ignorant voters that Trump was correct in his allogations....
now... he's changed his story...,

long after its to late for the ignorant to hold him accountable for his miss representation of the facts.



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At U.N., Trump administration assails Russia for protecting Assad 4/9/17


Assigned Criminal Behavior  &

Out Weigh Political Power and Position


Charge Syrian Leader Bashra Al Assad with
Murder & War Crimes,
in the Chemical Attack that killed children, as well as,
holding Assad responsible for  the deaths of
hundreds of thousands of Syrian Citizens
whom have been murdered
under his leadership as the
President of Syria.


No need to discuss how Russia, China, or Iran
would respond to the removal of Assad
if his removal is based on a charge of "Murder",
and the demand for his arrest, because, as a criminal,
every nation on earth, is obligated to produce an individual
who is being charged with a crime of murder
by any one nation on earth.


War Crimes Have Been Committed


4 Years ago, we had reasonable proof to have charge Assad of war crimes, yet, the world leaders have chosen... not to apply...,
simple crimes to world leaders whom have crossed the lines,
and continue too, simply because they are leaders of a nation, thereby,
are not held humanly accountable on a
human being level.


In 2013, I posted a collage of pain, titled
"Is 1 Man Worth It "
based on 2 years of pictures associated with the crimes that Assad was responsible for, while being allowed to act with impunity,
due to the ineptness of the Arab League, and the United Nations, and the European Community.


The Label of "Criminal"
nullify all labels of political power and position of prestige,
so the easy resolution to address the issue that is the cause of Syria disaster,
is to arrest Assad for War Crimes,
then put his ass on trial for the entire world to view.


The World Nations
can no longer feed the Syrian's whom have failed to act
on their own behalf, and it is time for the world nations
to act based on criminal behavior in the leader of Syria.




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White House remark on Hitler and chemical weapons draws ire4/12/17


Spicer Ignorance is



It has become abundantly clear
that there are several key members of the Trump Administration who are, not only under qualified, but,
under educated... to the point that their own words
validate their stupidity.


Spicer's statement that Hitler did not use chemical weapons against his own people,
in an effort to make it appear that
Syria's Assad use of chemical weapons days ago,
is only an example, as to the type of comments that Spicer chose to use in this instance, and other instances,
that are the type of comments that validate that
Spicer either, "did not graduate high school", or,
"he failed every class and was pushed threw"
like so many others were
in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s,
just to ensure that people got a diploma.


These comments are so appalling that Spicer...
should go around the entire United States of America,
speak at high school graduations,
and describe how "stupid" he is
because he didn't even know....,
a well documented, and severely infused subject matter
of World History, that currently affect millions of human beings around the world,
because he didn't pay attention in school,
or to any information about the world
since he turned 7 years old.




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Donald Trump's US healthcare bill withdrawn 3/26/2017



Obstructionist, Dysfunctional  &



7 Years of continuous demonetization of the Affordable Care Act, to include, from day 1 of the ACA's genesis,
*dissemination of false details associated with the original design of the ACA, specifically for the purpose of confusing the ignorant republican constituency who would not read for themselves....
the truth,
*demands for specifics to be included or excluded, from the original ACA, and after the Obama Administration acquiesce, republicans continued to disparage and deprecate all aspects of the act which is intended to provide health care for
"All Americans".


with all the known peaces in place for the republican party, to include the office of the presidency, the senate and the congress, and the ownership of 30 plus governor's offices of the 50 states around this great nation,
the entire republican party has failed to produce a health care plan that is focused on 100% of the American Citizenship...
simply because the republicans have for decades, been so used to focusing on working for the 1%, that when they are in the position to help the 99%,
they failed.


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