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Arab League
February 4th, 2012 10:46 AM ET

Obama condemns 'unspeakable assault'
in Syria


U.S. President Barack Obama on Saturday released a strongly worded condemnation of the government crackdown in Syria, calling on the U.N. Security Council to "stand against" the "relentless brutality" of the regime.

Following is the text of the statement released by the White House.

Thirty years after his father massacred tens of thousands of innocent Syrian men, women, and children in Hama, Bashar al-Assad has demonstrated a similar disdain for human life and dignity.  Yesterday the Syrian government murdered hundreds of Syrian citizens, including women and children, in Homs through shelling and other indiscriminate violence, and Syrian forces continue to prevent hundreds of injured civilians from seeking medical help.  These brutal killings take place at a time when so many Syrians are also marking a deeply meaningful day for their faith.  I strongly condemn the Syrian government's unspeakable assault against the people of Homs and I offer my deepest sympathy to those who have lost loved ones.  Assad must halt his campaign of killing and crimes against his own people now.  He must step aside and allow a democratic transition to proceed immediately.

The Syrian people demonstrated in large numbers across Syria yesterday to participate in peaceful protests commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Hama massacre.  They labeled the protests, "We are Sorry, Hama - Forgive Us."  We owe it to the victims of Hama and Homs to learn one lesson: that cruelty must be confronted for the sake of justice and human dignity.  Every government has the responsibility to protect its citizens, and any government that brutalizes and massacres its people does not deserve to govern.  The Syrian regime's policy of maintaining power by terrorizing its people only indicates its inherent weakness and inevitable collapse.  Assad has no right to lead Syria, and has lost all legitimacy with his people and the international community.
The international community must work to protect the Syrian people from this abhorrent brutality.  Earlier this week, our Arab partners called on UN Security Council members to take action to support a political solution to the crisis in Syria and stop Assad's "killing machine."  The Council now has an opportunity to stand against the Assad regime's relentless brutality and to demonstrate that it is a credible advocate for the universal rights that are written into the UN Charter.

We must work with the Syrian people toward building a brighter future for Syria.  A Syria without Assad could be a Syria in which all Syrians are subject to the rule of law and where minorities are able to exercise their legitimate rights and uphold their identities and traditions while acting as fully enfranchised citizens in a unified republic.  The United States and our international partners support the Syrian people in achieving their aspirations and will continue to assist the Syrian people toward that goal.  We will help because we stand for principles that include universal rights for all people and just political and economic reform.  The suffering citizens of Syria must know: we are with you, and the Assad regime must come to an end.




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Today is

The Arab League Demands Attention, The U.N. Plays Games, and Syrians Die


As the U.N.'s Nations Play Power Games as if the world's crisis were a game of checkers, and lives don't mean anything...
After The Arab League demanded that they be the intervener and provide resolutions for the Syrian Crisis, but were thrown out of Syria with their tails between their legs, and crawling to the U.N.

The Syrian People are in a worse case scenario, created by idiotic men who always seem to factor in their value as being significant, while the situation at hand, grows worse.

Men who walk around with titles, are never in the middle of the streets taking the beating, or being raped, but, these Men are always the ones in the big offices, with the guards and have no idea what the fuck the citizens want, when the time require a clear grasp of the scenario.

The U.N. Vetoed Sanctions against Syria and Al-Assad based on the "no"..., votes by China & Russia.  Why Voted "No", you figure it out, but, the No votes stops any acts or actions by the U.N. towards the Syrian Government.  The Perfect Storm of Ignorance is taking place on a global level.

The Syrian Citizens on the streets, are no match for the Syrian Military and the Syrian Government, however, the numbers are in their favor, which are the entire citizenship of Syria.

The World has observed the Arab Spring, specifically, so has China & Russia and the Arab League.  What appears to be happening is some nations have decided to stop the Arab Spring in it's tracks.

Perhaps their are nations, or people who have decided that poor people who demand that their long standing leaderships leave, aren't the people who make those types of decisions. 

Suffice it to say, the citizens..., "They Are The People Who Make The Decision Who Leads Them".

Nonetheless, Syria's scenario has a different perspective, in that, entities are backing Al-Assad and their intentions have already made themselves known... Stop The Arab Spring.

Syria is the battle line between the people of nations and the government interests who, apparently, want to stay in power.

It makes a lot of sense.  Many Nations around the world have citizens who have been unhappy with their leaders for decades, and, for the first time in human history, citizens of a nation are demanding that their leaders leave, and each one thus far, have been either been killed or are being tried for crimes.

Why would China & Russia veto a vote to support the citizens of Syria, I believe the answer is in the people who are the ones dying for what they believe in, the answer is in the citizens who are dying because they now understand and have seen "Democracy & Freedom of Choice". 

It's Clear that the two nations who rule with similar perspective of the old Arabs, who no longer in charge, makes the two countries extremely vulnerable, in that, if the old horrid leaders are gone, leaving the old regimes of Russia and China, as the worse nations on earth, with respect to freedom and democracy, then it makes sense that Russia and China would back the ones that make them look good.

What about the Arab League, why would they insert themselves, when they have no authority?  Ignorance, or perhaps, desire for attention, or perhaps, they were contacted by the two idiotic countries to intervene and delay, to provide time for Assad to squash a rebellion. 

Interesting.   The Dynamics of the Arab Spring has grown tentacles that reach far beyond a individual boarder. 

If all the above is true, Syria Citizens have a long hard road, and their win or loss, will matter to more than just them.

The Voice of the people is now being challenge by collective of  nations who are joining against the U.N. and the Democratic Nations.

President Obama's message was acceptable, but, he must realize that it's above an issue between Al-Assad and his citizens.


In My Opinion


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