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Marbury Wins CBA
By Katya Adler BBC Newsnight, Germany

Stephon Marbury wins the (Chinese Basketball Association) championship


When former NBA All-Star Stephon Marbury accepted a contract to play in the Chinese Basketball Association in 2009, he was a few weeks removed from an odd and at-times frightening online meltdown, and a half-decade removed from basketball relevance. Based on the scope of his career arc at the time, it was just assumed that Marbury would grow sick of the expectations, and flame out overseas as he had during his fitful runs in Minnesota, New Jersey, Phoenix and New York.

[NCAA tourney video: Which team will win the national championship?]

Instead, 2 1/2 years later, the man's a champion. Marbury dropped 41 in the fifth game of the CBA Finals (the picture at that previous link is fantastic), leading his Beijing Ducks to a 4-1 series win over the defending champion Guangdong Hongyuan. This is the first title for both Marbury and the Ducks. And, as was the case when Steph ascended to the CBA Finals two weeks ago, he broke down with tears of joy. From AFP:

"This has been incredible, it has been an incredible experience," a tearful Marbury said after winning his first major league championship.

"This shows what this team is made up of, everyone stepped up and everyone played their role. We have been blessed as a team."

It's been a remarkable turnaround. Steph can still be a little needlessly childish at times, but most were well within their rights to assume that Marbury's time in China would either go as recklessly as his time in Minnesota, New Jersey, Phoenix or New York would; or that he would flame out anonymously, as was the case during his short stint with the Boston Celtics in 2009. It isn't even as if Marbury was given a quick start to relish and keep him enthused, because his previous two CBA teams failed to make the playoffs.

Marbury clearly is aware of his station, though, and loves the country. The big minutes and shot attempts help, we're sure, but Marbury got those in Minnesota, New Jersey and Phoenix and still wanted out. He's comfortable, now, with a team and a league and a culture that embraces him. And, it's interesting to note, that he can be a winner along the way.

Now … back to back?




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Today is

What A Beautiful Basketball Story


Look for a movie on the turnaround of Staphon Marbury, and how he went to a foreign land, and learned how to become a true basketball player.

The World loves the NBA, and for the most part, it has always been the lucky few foreign players who get drafted by the NBA, that becomes a dream come true, not only for the drafted player, but for the country that he is from, and how he represent his nation in America.

Stephon's story is exactly the opposite, in that, he was already a successful star in the U.S., but he had some personality issues, that caused him to be outside of the NBA, and it was an agreement to go to China to play that became the story.

Sure, Marbury didn't win a NBA Championship in China, but, he did win the China Basketball Association Championship, while winning it from the team that won it last year. 

The Story Line to this reverse of fortune is the example and the precedence that it can set for future NBA Athletes, who may want to venture to a new land, in order to reap the benefits of being appreciated for their talents they bring to a team that is ready to embrace the American way of mastering the art of playing basketball.

On the other side of the that same coin, I'm sure that China, the country, has goose bumps, thinking about the future possibilities of their future in professional basketball, and if you really want to understand what I mean, take a look at the link by clicking the picture, and notice the emotions and enthusiasm that the Chinese Coach, Players and Fans display.... AMAZING.

Not only can China find several willing NBA Players who may be willing to venture to China to join Marbury, to bring the American enthusiasm to their teams and their country, but also bring a new direction for their pro basketball program on a global level.

I'd even go further to suggest that this may even become the genesis for what could be considered a true future World Basketball Championships.

All created by a NBA Outcast.

China has the money, and the people are great fans, and an influx of U.S. Players can get them started, while creating an interest by other nations around the world, to consider seeking out "American Athletes" to set their foundation for a future Professional Basketball Program.

The NBA currently has players from around the world..., well imagine if all countries were saying the same thing about their professional basketball league?




In My Opinion


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