Panel urges ex-Green Beret hero out of Army with VA benefits

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — An Army officer who was accused of tracking In this Jan. 4, 2011 file photo, U.S Army Capt. Mathew Golsteyn, right, is congratulated by fellow soldiers following the Valor Awards ceremony for 3rd Special Forces Group at Fort Bragg, N.C. Golsteyn, who was accused of tracking down and killing an unarmed bomb-making suspect in Afghanistan, is being recommended for an honorable discharge even though the military panel that looked into the case determined his conduct was unbecoming an officer. The Fort Bragg panel reached the finding late Sunday, June 28, 2015. (James Robinson/The Fayetteville Observer via AP)down and killing an unarmed bomb-making suspect in Afghanistan is being recommended for an honorable discharge even though a military panel that looked into the case determined his conduct was unbecoming an officer.

The military panel at Fort Bragg reached the finding late Sunday concerning Maj. Mathew Golsteyn.

Army Special Forces Command spokeswoman Maj. Allison Aguilar said Monday that if the decision is upheld by a review board Golsteyn would be discharged under honorable conditions allowing him to keep nearly all veteran's benefits.



Marilyn Mosby: 'I'm Not Conflicted About Charging The Freddie Gray Cops. I Did the Right Thing.'

There's no back-pedaling happening here.

Marilyn MosbyIn an interview with Vogue, Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby made it clear that she meant every single word she uttered at her press conference in May, when she announced the charges her office would bring against the six officers who arrested and detained 25-year-old Freddie Gray.

A detainment that resulted in Gray's death and sparked outrage about police brutality in African American communities.

It was a tense moment, but Mosby described how she was cool about it and was more concerned with getting the job done.

"I don't think I felt the weight of the case stepping up to that podium," Mosby admitted to Vogue. "I was thinking: 'I’m doing the right thing.'"



Benghazi Emails Put Focus on Hillary Clinton’s Encouragement of Adviser

WASHINGTON — Hillary Rodham Clinton told reporters last month that Hillary Clintonthe memos about Libya she received while secretary of state from Sidney Blumenthal, a longtime adviser whom the Obama administration had barred her from hiring, had been “unsolicited.”

But according to officials briefed on the matter, email records that Mrs. Clinton apparently failed to turn over to the State Department last fall show that she repeatedly encouraged Mr. Blumenthal to “keep ’em coming,” as she said in an August 2012 reply to a memo from him, which she called “another keeper.”

All or part of 15 Libya-related emails she sent to Mr. Blumenthal were missing from the trove of 30,000 that Mrs. Clinton provided to the State Department last year, as well as from the 847 that the department in turn provided in February to the House committee investigating the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya.



FBI investigating a series of arsons at black churches

A series of fires at African-American churches across the US south has Authorities have confirmed that at least three of the fire were intentionally set prompted the FBI to investigate whether the blazes are related.

Last week six fires hit black churches in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina and Tennessee.

Three have been ruled arsons and the others are still under investigation. "They're being investigated to determine who is responsible and what motives are behind them," FBI spokesman Paul Bresson told BuzzFeed News. No one has been hurt in the fires, but many of the churches were completely destroyed.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is also assisting local authorities in the arson investigations.

J Britt Johnson, an FBI spokesman in Atlanta, said the agency is investigating whether the arson at God's Power Church of Christ in Macon, Georgia, was a hate crime.



US TV network NBC fires Donald Trump over Mexico comments

US TV network NBC is cutting ties with Donald Trump over "recent Donald Trump made the controversial comments while announcing his presidential campaign derogatory statements" that the veteran businessman made about immigrants. NBC said the company would now not be airing the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants that are co-owned by Mr Trump. Responding to the announcement, Mr Trump said he would consider suing NBC. Earlier this month, he accused Mexicans of adding drugs and crime to the US as he announced he was seeking the Republican presidential nomination. "They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists, and some I assume are good people, but I speak to border guards, and they tell us what we are getting," he said in his speech on 16 June.



Puerto Rico governor says US territory 'can't pay $72bn debt'

Puerto Rico's governor has said the US territory cannot pay its $72bn  Mr Garcia Padilla said creditors must "share the sacrifices" imposed on Puerto Rico's residents (£45bn) debt and is close to defaulting ahead of emergency talks with legislators. Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla admitted the island was close to an economic "death spiral", in an interview with the New York Times. But White House spokesman Josh Earnest said that the US government was not contemplating a federal bailout. The self-governing US commonwealth has been in a recession since 2006. Mr Garcia Padilla is expected to air a pre-recorded televised address later on Monday after meeting with legislators to discuss a $9.8bn budget.



Greek debt crisis: Is Grexit inevitable?

Greek banks have been closed and strict limits placed on cash The Greek government has promised to pay pensions and public sector salaries despite the crisis withdrawals as Greece's government is set to default on a debt repayment to the IMF on 30 June of €1.5bn ($1.7bn; £1.06bn).

Months of negotiations on a deal have collapsed and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has called a referendum for 5 July, asking Greeks to reject reform proposals from the IMF and EU, which he says are against European values.



North Carolina prison worker accused of helping killer escape

(CNN)Another convicted murderer escaped from prison, with the help of Kendra Lynette Miller and Kristopher McNeila correctional officer with whom he was having sex, authorities say. This time the drama unfolded in North Carolina. Kristopher McNeil, 29, serving a 14-year sentence for second-degree murder, scaled the wall of Brown Creek Correctional Institution in Polkton early Sunday. Residents recognized him Sunday night from his photo in media reports and called authorities, who picked him up as he walked along Highway 52 near the Davidson and Forsyth county line. McNeil is being taken to Central Prison in Raleigh, according to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety.

Drugs, money, love and cell phones: How prison guards go bad On Monday, Polkton police charged correctional officer Kendra Lynette Miller, 33, with having sex with an inmate, providing an electronic device to an inmate, harboring a fugitive and aiding and abetting a fugitive. Her bond is set at $500,000. She had been a food service worker at Brown Creek since December, the Department of Public Safety said.



Exonerated former death row inmate appointed to crime lab

A Texas man who suffered a miscarriage of justice just got the power to Anthony Gravesprevent future ones.

Anthony Graves, 49, who was finally set free in 2010 after spending 12 years on death row and 6 more behind bars for the killing of a woman, her daughter and her four grandchildren, is going to help manage a crime lab for Houston-area law enforcement agencies, the Houston Chronicle reported.

City officials appointed Graves to the board of the Houston Forensic Science Center on Wednesday, according to the local newspaper.

Graves’ shocking case displayed prosecutorial misconduct by a district attorney who has since been disbarred, and the father of three told NBC News he’s ready to take on the new challenge.



One-Third Of Congressional Districts Could Be Affected By Supreme Court Ruling

On the final day of the Supreme Court's term on Monday, they will issue As a staff member takes down the Arizona redistricting map, Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission chair Colleen Mathis gets a hug from Frank Bergen, a Pima County Democrat, at a 2012 meeting. a ruling that could affect as many as one-third of congressional districts — possibly dramatically remaking the partisan makeup of the next Congress ahead of the 2016 elections.

The case at hand, Arizona State Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting, was brought by the Arizona legislature to try to be able to redraw their congressional districts.



Argentina judge orders asset seizure of Falklands oil firms

A federal judge in Argentina has ordered the seizure of assets of five Rhetoric on the islands is likely to step up during the campaign for October's presidential elections companies drilling for oil in the Falkland Islands.

Tierra del Fuego judge Lilian Herraez ordered the authorities to seize boats and other assets worth $156m.

Argentina claims sovereignty of the islands, which it calls the Malvinas. The oil companies named in the case are not based in Argentina and it is not clear how the measure will be implemented.



A Less-Restrained Obama Finally Says 'Bucket'

Politicians are usually very careful about the words they use. President In this series of photos from White House photographer Pete Souza, President Obama reacts as he is told of the ACA decision on Thursday. Obama is no exception.

But increasingly he seems to be just letting it fly. During his standup routine at the White House Correspondents' dinner earlier this year, President Obama came right out and said it.

Well, almost. "After the midterm elections, my advisers asked me, 'Mr. President, do you have a bucket list?' And I said, 'Well, I have something that rhymes with bucket list.'"

The audience started to get the joke.

And then the president continued: "Take executive action on immigration. Bucket. New climate regulations.

Bucket, it's the right thing to do."

Add to that list: Normalizing relations with Cuba and pushing through trade legislation by teaming up with Republicans and taking on unions. That's no joke.

Beyond policy, Obama seems more willing lately to just say it like he sees it. Take last week when he shouted down a heckler at a White House reception.

"Hold on a sec," Obama began.


You know what?

Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.

No, no, no, no. Hey, listen, you're in my house. ...

You're not going to get a good response from me by interrupting me like this. No.

Shame on you, you shouldn't be doing this."



Tunisia attack: Tributes for dead as British tourists fly home

Tributes are being paid to victims of the Tunisia beach attack which left More than 1,000 British tourists have returned to the UK, while it is thought 2,500 more could fly home on Sunday.38 dead, including at least 15 Britons. No British victims have been officially identified but the names of some were confirmed by friends and family.

It comes as the relatives of others still missing since the gun attack near Sousse desperately await any news of their loved ones. More than 1,000 British tourists have returned to the UK, while it is thought 2,500 more could fly home on Sunday.



SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Breaks Up On Liftoff

An unmanned SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket experienced what the private SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Breaks Up On Liftoffspace-launch company calls "some type of anomaly in first-stage flight" about two and a half minutes into its flight.

NASA commentator George Diller confirmed that "the vehicle has broken up."

Pieces could be seen raining down into the Atlantic Ocean over the rocket's intended trajectory.

More than 5,200 pounds of cargo, including the first docking port designed for NASA's next generation crew capsule, were aboard.

The failure deprives the International Space Station of a crucial resupply mission after a Russian cargo rocket failed in April.



Kuwait government says mosque suicide bomber was Saudi national

(CNN)Kuwait's Interior Ministry said Sunday that it had identified the The Ministry named the attacker as Fahad Suleiman Abdulmohsen Al-Gabbaa. suicide bomber who blew himself up at a mosque as a Saudi citizen, according to the official Kuwait News Agency.

The Ministry named the attacker as Fahad Suleiman Abdulmohsen Al-Gabbaa.

The terrorist group ISIS, which claimed responsibility for the attack, had identified the bomber as Abu Sulieman al Muwahid -- probably the man's nom de guerre.

The bomb ripped through the Al-Sadiq mosque during Friday prayers -- a time when, more than other, mosques are packed with worshipers.

It was the worst terrorist attack Kuwait had seen in years, and one of three that took place on three different continents Friday.



Greece debt crisis: Eurozone refuses bailout extension

Eurozone finance ministers have rejected a Greek request to extend a People have been queuing to take out money in Athens bailout programme beyond 30 June. A Eurogroup statement said Greece had broken off negotiations over a new bailout deal "unilaterally". Late on Friday, Greek PM Alexis Tsipras called a surprise referendum for 5 July over the terms of any new deal. Greece has to pay €1.6bn (£1.1bn) to the IMF on 30 June. Without new funds, there are fears Greece may leave the euro and its economy may collapse. Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said Greece would still try to secure a bailout deal that could then be put to a referendum.



Scores of partygoers injured in fire at Taiwan water park

TAIPEI, Taiwan — A fire on a music stage spread into a crowd of  Emergency rescue workers and concert spectators tend to injured victims from an explosion during a music concert at the Formosa Water Park in New Taipei City, Taiwan, Saturday, June 27, 2015. The New Taipei City fire departmentspectators at a party Saturday night at a Taiwan water park, injuring more than 200 people, authorities said. An accidental explosion of an unknown powder set off the fire near the stage in front of about 1,000 spectators, said Wang Wei-sheng, a liaison with the New Taipei City fire department command center.

Wang said 83 people had serious injuries and 131 others have light injuries. Taiwan's Central News Agency reported the fire at the Formosa Water Park in New Taipei City near the island's capital was quickly brought under control. Video showed rescue workers and bystanders carrying burned and injured people on their backs, in inflatable boats and on stretchers to get medical treatment.

CNA reported witnesses as saying the fire spread quickly after the colored powder was blown into the air. It wasn't clear if the colored powder was part of a performance. The cause of the fire is being investigated.



French terror suspect took selfie with beheaded victim: Officials

FONTAINES-SUR-SAONE, France — The top suspect in the beheading French suspectof a businessman that French authorities are calling terrorist attack took a "selfie" photo with the slain victim and sent the image via WhatsApp to a Canadian mobile phone number, officials said Saturday. French investigators were working to confirm the identity of the recipient, but weren't able to immediately confirm media reports that it was an unspecified person now in Syria, where the radical Islamic State group has seized territory, the security officials said.



NASCAR chairman wants Confederate flag eliminated at races

SONOMA, Calif. — Calling the Confederate flag an "insensitive symbol" A number of flags, including a Confederate-themed one, fly atop RV's in a campground outside the track during practice for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series auto race Friday, June 26, 2015, in Sonoma, Calif. he personally finds offensive, NASCAR chairman Brian France said the sport will be aggressive in disassociating the symbol from its events.

"We want to go as far as we can to eliminate the presence of that flag," France told The Associated Press on Saturday. "I personally find it an offensive symbol,

so there is no daylight how we feel about it and our sensitivity to others who feel the same way.



Huge crowds for Berlin Gay Pride after historic U.S. ruling

Several hundred thousand people filled the streets of Berlin for the city's Gay Pride PeradeGay Pride parade on Saturday, a day after the US Supreme Court legalised same-sex marriage nationwide.

The crowds were a riot of colour under grey skies, with many demonstrators in costume -- including US embassy staffer Tim Standaert, who painted his torso blue with an enormous red heart as he waved a rainbow-hued Stars and Stripes flag.

"We are all different, we are all the same," was the theme of this year's march, which comes a day after the landmark Supreme Court ruling that all 50 US states must carry out and recognise same-sex marriages. Germany introduced civil unions for gay and lesbian couples in 2001, but they do not have the right to marry and are still also forbidden from jointly adopting children.



In Saudi Arabia, An Uphill Fight To Out-Shout The Extremists

For years, Saudi Arabia seemed immune from the wars and chaos of the Saudi actor Nasser al-Qasabi, at left, appears in a scene from his TV show Selfie, which satirizes ISIS. He's received death threats in reaction to the series, which airs on a Saudi-owned channel.Middle East region — but not anymore.

The sectarian violence raging on its borders hit home in May, when militants from the self-proclaimed Islamic State or ISIS launched two suicide attacks on mosques in Saudi's eastern province, targeting the country's minority Shiite population.

The kingdom was shaken by the attacks, which killed two dozen people — and prompted an unusually open debate about homegrown extremism.



Some gay marriage opponents balk, while couples rush to wed

CINCINNATI (AP) — With the mayor of Dayton declaring "you are now "Texans' fundamental right to religious liberty remains protected,"husband and husband," the wait for Ohio to allow same-sex marriage ended for a gay couple in the city just as it is ending for couples across the last states with bans on such unions — even if the opposition isn't over.

Some couples rushed to marriage license bureaus and even wed Friday within hours of the Supreme Court ruling that said gay couples can marry anywhere in the country including in the 14 remaining states with bans. Steadfast activists who say traditional marriage is defined as a man and a woman vowed to defend rights of religious objectors and to try to battle back politically.

There were also scattered holdouts, with some officials in those states contending they needed more time and legal direction before complying with the 5-4 ruling.



How Key Republicans Helped Obama To Biggest Week Of His Second Term

With his eulogy Friday for the slain pastor and parishioners of "Mother Obama speaksEmanuel" AME Church in Charleston, S.C., President Obama concluded the most shining week of his second term. The president praised the leadership of South Carolina for its response to the Charleston killings, especially their decision to take down the Confederate battle flag that has long flown either on or next to the state Capitol in Columbia. "By taking down that flag, we expressed God's grace," the president said. "For too long, we've been blind to past injustices."




Woman climbs flag pole and removes confederate flagWoman removes Confederate flag in front of SC statehouse

COLUMBIA, South Carolina (AP) — The Confederate flag has been temporarily removed from in front of the South Carolina Statehouse. An unidentified black woman was about halfway up the more than 30-foot steel flagpole just after dawn Saturday when State Capitol police told her to come down. Instead, she continued up and removed the flag before returning to the ground. The woman and another man who had entered the wrought-iron fence surrounding the flag were arrested. The flag, which is protected by state law, was raised again a short time later. A rally by flag supporters was scheduled for later Saturday. Calls for removing the flag have been renewed since nine black churchgoers were killed in what police characterized as a racist attack at a Charleston, South Carolina church last week




Bitter dissents in gay marriage case lay bare deep divide in high court

Justice Anthony Kennedy almost always votes alongside his fourChief Justice John Roberts, who read much of his dissent aloud from the bench, a sign of his deep displeasure, called the opinion’s reasoning “unprincipled.”conservative colleagues on the Supreme Court. But when he doesn’t, it’s often in big, transformative cases, like Friday’s gay marriage decision. His defection clearly has made his conservative peers hopping mad.

Each of the four conservative justices in the minority wrote his own dissent, a sign that their disappointment and anger at the decision striking down gay marriage bans could not be combined into one response.



Police Shoot, Kill Escaped N.Y. Convict

Hundreds of officers are following leads on the possible whereabouts of Corrections officers walk through a field in Malone, N.Y., during a search for two escaped prisoners from Clinton Correctional Facility. escapee David Sweat, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Friday night, but it's unclear right now whether the two men were hiding out together.

A customs and border patrol team found Richard Matt following a report of a gunshot fired at a camping trailer, the Associated Press reports. Matt was discovered with a shotgun, State Police Superintendent Joseph D'Amico said at the news conference Friday, and was shot and killed after being "challenged" by law enforcement.



Vandals target Confederate monuments in half-dozen states

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Vandals have targeted monuments dedicated to the Racial wounds in the U.S. were torn open last August, when a white police officer in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri, fatally shot 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was black and unarmed. Officer Darren Wilson was cleared of any wrongdoing, but the shooting raised new awareness about the treatment of blacks.leaders and soldiers of the Confederacy, painting the slogan "Black lives matter" on memorials in a half-dozen states where the landmarks stand tall in parks and outside government buildings.

The graffiti reflects the racial tension that permeates post-Ferguson America, more than a week after a white man was accused of shooting and killing nine black congregants at a Charleston, South Carolina, church.

Michael Allen, a lecturer in American culture studies at Washington University in St. Louis, compared the vandalism to the toppling of statues in Russia at the end of the Soviet empire.

"If the monuments are strong statements of past values, defacing them is the easiest and loudest way to rebuke those statements," Allen said. Confederate symbols including the rebel battle flag have been the subject of resentment for years.

The anger boiled over after last week's massacre at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

The suspect, Dylann Roof, posed in photos with the Confederate flag.



Baltimore leaders question police warning on day of Gray funeral

BALTIMORE — City leaders questioned Thursday why the Baltimore Baltimore RiotsPolice Department issued a public warning, on the morning of Freddie Gray's funeral, that gang members had teamed up to "take out" police officers.

Police announced on April 27 a "credible threat" that the Bloods, Crips and Black Guerrilla Family had joined together to target officers, but other law enforcement agencies concluded within hours that they couldn't verify the claim, according to interviews and documents obtained by The Baltimore Sun.

"I knew all along it was a bunch of baloney," City Council President Bernard C. "Jack" Young said. "They owe the council and the public an explanation for why they put this false information out there."



Mexicans bash Trump pinata, call him imbecile

Few presidents of Mexico have managed to unite the country in the way  Adriana Ramirez takes a break from painting a pinata depicting U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at a workshop in Reynosa Donald Trump did after he launched his U.S. presidential bid last week with a string of broadsides against America's southern neighbor. "Imbecile", "racist", "absurd" and "ignorant" were some of the less vulgar words used by prominent Mexicans about Trump after the flamboyant real estate magnate described migrants from Mexico to the United States as drug-runners and rapists.

Trump's provocative comments, including a pledge to build a "great wall" on the U.S. southern border paid for by Mexico, were the latest in a series of swipes against a country where he has become more famous for controversies than boardroom success.

Democrat "1832" & Republicans  "1854"       It's time for a party that represent the 100%




Chief Justice John Roberts, who read much of his dissent aloud from the bench, a sign of his deep displeasure, called the opinion’s reasoning “unprincipled.”

Bitter dissents in gay marriage case lay bare deep divide in high court 6/28

Arrogance Disposition of

Supreme Court Justices

invalidates their effectiveness




Protesters rallied to have the flag taken down on Tuesday

Confederate flag protests spread across US 6/23

The American Party has just begun



Charles Cotton

NRA executive suggests slain Charleston pastor to blame for gun deaths

Charles Cotton is the epitome of what is

wrong with America



 Nicholas Taft Thomas in an undated police handout photo

Autopsy: Man shot in Maserati by police was shot in back 6/20

Consistency in "Cops Lying" and inconsistency in State By State Legal  Adjudication



“Even the drugs of choice will connect to what the mental illness is,” Petacque-Montgomery told me. People with severe depression might use cocaine “to lift their mood.”

America's Largest Mental Hospital Is a Jail 6/14

Historically Harsh & Unjust Legal System



Torrential rains have already given the state its wettest month on record, according to Texas A&M climatologists. And extreme river and creek flooding has broken many records, and swept away hundreds of homes.

Texas floods: Enough rain to cover entire state with 8 inches of water in May 6/1/15

A valid Water Movement System

used to mitigate Drought, Flooding & Wildfires



In Saudi Arabia, An Uphill Fight To Out-Shout The Extremists

Saudi's Silence created their current extreme circumstances

Saudi actor Nasser al-Qasabi, at left, appears in a scene from his TV show Selfie, which satirizes ISIS. He's received death threats in reaction to the series, which airs on a Saudi-owned channel.Saudi Arabia condoning of the radical Islamism for decades have provided the road into their kingdom by the same individuals whom the allowed on their streets as a location of


Now..., just as the rest of the world has begun to realize that there aren't any rationalizing with the radicals....

Saudi Arabia is also finding their kingdom


Saying nothing while others suffer will eventually cost you the same suffering by the same individuals whom

inflected pain on others that you chose not to defend.






Huge crowds for Berlin Gay Pride after historic U.S. ruling

Equality minus the restrictions because you are "X"

Gay Pride PeradeTrue Individual Equal Rights is the word


under every category for any circumstances.

President Obama,

4 years ago, opened the door to equal rights when he, during an interview, said that he had evolved to understand and accept gays as equals with the equal right to love and get married.

Since that moment,

a movement began, and it was Obama's Presidential words that removed the conscious constraints surrounding the throats of so many other elected officials not strong enough to admit their true thoughts regarding gay rights.


America has set yet another measure for every nation around the world to acknowledge and mimic.

Every Individual should be under one and only one category and that category is called a






Ukraine crisis: Yanukovych regrets bloodshed in Kiev

Viktor Yanukovych proves to be very "Stupid"

 Viktor Yanukovych says he still fears for his life in exile in Russia Former Ukrainian President was once called
"an extremely stupid man"
by one of his own people and his subsequent actions that sent Ukraine down a spiraling path of destruction that lead to the annexing of part of his own nation after he fled to the arms of Russia's Putin,

is now finally accepting responsibility for his criminal acts and actions,,,


the place that I believe he ought to be is in

an extremely abusive jail.

I find it interesting how leaders of all nations protect criminal leaders of other nations by not calling them

A Criminal.






The VA's Broken Promise To Thousands Of Vets Exposed To Mustard Gas

So..., When has the V. A. actually done the right thing for vets?

Three test subjects enter a gas chamber, which will fill with mustard gas, as part of the military's secret chemical warfare testing in March 1945From WWII to now.... the V. a. has made promises to all who have served this nation by sacrificing their very lives in many cases...,

and 75 years later, yet another outlandish discovery of the

unscrupulous experiments conducted on those who served voluntarily.


once again, it isn't the V. a. that has made promised and avoided actually carrying them out....

it is the human beings who sit in the seats of power representing the V. a. and they bring personification of

human flawed character to the forefront when

we speak of the V. a. as being

"All Fucked Up".

Inexcusable to learn that the human abuses took place 75 years ago immolate the same degree of human abuses that take place in these days with the manipulation of scheduled appointments that lead to death for neglect for some vets.

No Consequences....

No Change.






14 brands of bottled water recalled due to possible E. coli

Bottled Water... and Ecoli... "WHAT?????"

He added that the company had terminated its relationship with Far Away Springs, the water source.Say it ain't so..... bad water that is supposed to be cleaner than any tap water that you pay for via your water bill each month....

It kind of defeat the purpose when paying for water in a bottle with the expectation that the water is less germs than tap water,

actually ends up being the water that causes one extremel sick.

Perhaps its poetic justice for the many people

who choose to spend money on bottled water when tap water

is free anywhere but out of your own tap.





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Greece crisis: No vote would mean euro exit, leaders warn


Are Germany and the US still the best of friends?President Obama visited Berlin in 2013


Eurosport wins Olympic TV rights for Europe


Texas anti-abortion law blocked by US Supreme Court


Tunisia attack: Arrests over Sousse massacreTunisia has arrested a group of people over the massacre of 38 people


Chibok girls 'forced to join Nigeria's Boko Haram'The girls were seized from their school in northern Nigeria in April 2014


IS threat grows as 'caliphate' enters second year


The worst companies to work forThese days, employees can easily share their work experiences online, and employee opinions about companies and managers are all readily available to prospective workers and customers alike


Egypt prosecutor Hisham Barakat killed in Cairo attackThere was devastation at the blast site, as the BBC's Sebastian Usher explains


Cigarettes or spark suspected in Taiwan fire that burned 498Investigators in Taiwan were focusing Monday on the possibility that a cigarette butt or spark caused the blaze that burned 498 people, killing one


Plane crashes into home, killing 3 aboard; residents escapePlane crashes into home


Supreme Court Rules In Industry's favor. What's EPA's Next Move?


Sri Lanka's War Is Long Over, But Reconciliation Remains Elusive


MAP: Lethal Injection By Far The Most Popular Execution Method In U.S.


For world, limited options if Iran talks fall apart


After Slaughter Of Tourists, Tunisia Cracks Down On Islamists


7 Solutions That Would Improve Graduation Rates


New Jersey man charged with supporting ISIS


Obama signs trade bills


Survey: Confederate flag push reaches key milestone in SC A survey of South Carolina legislators shows there's enough support to remove the Confederate flag from Statehouse grounds if all supporters cast a vote.


A Nifty Device to Stop Cars From Driving Too Close to BikesMaybe your state is one of the more than two dozen around the U.S. with what is known as a three-foot passing law


Study Offers New Evidence That Google Skews Search ResultsEvidence continues to mount that when it comes to search results, Google isn’t always playing fair.


New Jersey man charged with conspiracy to provide support to Islamic State
Samuel Rahamin Topaz, 21, of Fort Lee, New Jersey, was arrested at his home on Wednesday, the Justice Department said


'Cause unknown' in SpaceX rocket blastSpaceX came up empty Monday in its search to figure out why an unmanned Falcon 9 rocket exploded minutes after blasting off from a NASA launchpad with a load of space-bound cargo.


Greeks Line Up for Money and Stock Up on Goods as Cash Rationing Starts


Two Uber executives taken into police custody in FranceThibaud Simphal, General Director of Uber France, a transportation network company, poses on Mai 19, 2015 at Uber French headquarters in Paris.

A Rare Call for Tolerance of Gays in Russia Anti-gay protesters try to tear a rainbow flag during an LGBT community rally in central Moscow, May 30, 2015. The rally wasn't sanctioned by the local government and ended in minutes


An Indian minister says drinking liquor is a “fundamental right”


FBI investigating corruption at New York prison after escape - CNN


Israeli navy peacefully intercepts Gaza-bound vessel


How an FBI agent who arrested drug addicts became one himself


Police use tear gas to stop fighting at Hungary refugee camp


Syrian insurgents carve out fiefdoms in de-facto partition


China says wants Greece in euro zone, pledges EU infrastructure investment


Once a major continental force, South Africa's military at a crossroads


Moscow hopes Brussels will avoid 'negative scenarios' over Greece: Lavrov


France: Israeli-Palestinian conflict can explode at any time



David Sweat shot and captured alive after New York manhunt

David Sweat


Almost 500 injured in explosion at Taiwan water parkTaiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare put out a call for medical supplies and skin grafts for the hundreds injured after flammable powder exploded in midair at a recreational water park, Taiwanese media reported.


Search continues for New York prison escapee Sweat


Tunisia attack: Survivor lay in victim's blood 'trying to keep her awake'Chris Callaghan


Decapitated victim identified by French authorities


Candidate Donald Trump talks immigration, gay marriage and ISIS


Shark bite on swimmer is latest in series of such attacks along Carolinas coast


One dead, eight hospitalized after boat is swept over Maryland dam


Record heat bakes the Northwest, a region already bone dry


Iran nuclear talks: 'Security of the world is at stake'


Australia's Wedding Cake Rock may collapse into the sea (CNN)It looks as if someone has made a cut in a wedding cake, but no one is celebrating.


Greek debt crisis: ECB not raising funding limit


In A Kenyan Village, A 65-Year-Old Recording Comes HomeFrom Robert Johnson selling his soul at the crossroads to Odysseus outwitting the sirens, the history of music is filled with myth and legend. Music loves a good story, and a certain recording from a Kenyan village definitely has one — one that's 65 years old.


Live tiny, save bigSo she purchased a garden-level 495-square-foot (46-square-metre) one-bedroom apartment in Colorado in the US. Her friends gave her a hard time over her choice


Organisers questioned over Taiwan water park inferno


How Well Do Hate Crime Laws Really Work?Federal officials are investigating last week's Charleston, S.C. church shooting as a hate crime, and the U.S. Justice Department could weigh in in the coming weeks with a federal hate crimes charge.


Iran nuclear talks 'to go beyond 30 June deadline' - US


For Americans Seeking Affordable Degrees, German Schools Beckon


France beheading attack: Suspect sent selfie with head


Greece Tries To Stanch Bank Run Ahead Of Looming Default


Greek banks 'to stay shut on Monday'


Wildlife Forensics Lab Uses Tech To Sniff, Identify Illegal WoodBefore you prosecute thieves, you have to know what they stole. It's the same for crimes against nature.


In Bid For Stricter Vaccine Rules, Officials Grapple With Decades-Old DistrustParents rally against SB 277, a California measure requiring schoolchildren to get vaccinated, outside the Capitol in Sacramento, Calif.


At rural South Carolina shop, Confederate flags fly off shelves


Huckabee predicts MLK-like resistance to gay marriage ruling


Continents Rose Above Oceans 3 Billion Years AgoNASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio Satellite images stitched together to reveal the world's continents.


A look inside one immigration detention centerDetained immigrant children line up in the cafeteria at the Karnes County Residential Center, a temporary home for immigrant women and children detained at the border, Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2014, in Karnes City…


Treasure hunter roils the waters as he makes new finds FILE - In this file photo taken Thursday, May, 7, 2015 underwater explorer Barry Clifford, right, presents a silver bar he believes is part of the treasure of the pirate Captain Kidd, to the president of Madagascar, Hery…


As women wash up dead, Ohio town fears serial killer is on the loose


World's First Commercial Jetpack, Priced Around $150,000, Set for 2016 LaunchMartin Jetpack


U.S. Military Wants To Blow Up Landmines With Lasers RADBO Laser Tested In February


Istanbul police break up gay pride paradeOrganizers said the Istanbul governor had "suddenly banned" the 13th annual parade "using the month of Ramadan as the reason without any announcement." The Istanbul LGBTI Pride Week Committee put the crowd size at tens of thousands.






Confederate flag protests spread across US

The Winds of Change... Changed the Quite to the Voisterous

Protesters rallied to have the flag taken down on Tuesday

Have you noticed the change in the wind as of the past week?

The 21 year old who destroyed many lives in South Carolina this past week has in fact driven the voice of change

that is now shouting loudly for the

removal of the symbol of racism that has dogged

this nation for 400 years, and that symbol of racism is the

Confederate Flag and the voices that are demanding change

are many Whites who have for more than 200 years...,

have said nothing and did nothing.

The significance of the these white voices demanding change

is the manner in which those who truly believe in racist ways

can no longer hide among the whites who say nothing

and I say all of that to say this.

The Sign Is Now.

We are seeing the beginning of the true

American Single Voice

and I call this

The American Party.

These are truly interesting times.

Free and Fair Minded Whites are taking a stance and I say it is a very welcomed movement that will allow the non whites in America to join with them....

and together, we are now the true American Dream,

One Nation,

and we now can call

America the







FCC Fining AT&T $100 Million for Misleading Unlimited Data Plans

Deceptive practices yield no consumer compensation


A well known ploy by communications company is the practice of enticing consumers with a lot of promises with regards to their products, and then changing the rules that cause the consumer to suffer huge emotional displeasures when the consumer attempts to get satisfaction when complaining.

In this instance, AT&T promised unlimited data use then intentionally slowed down the data stream once a consumer reaches a certain point, thereby nullifying the stated agreement and now the government has chosen to fine AT&T for this deceptive practice, but

what does the consumer actually get for their suffering?

Each contract that was a victim of a breach of trust should receive the entire month's charges plus interest for their pain and suffering from the purposely designed deception by AT&T.







Lindsey Graham on Charleston shooter: 'It's him ... not the flag'

A contributor to Racism based on flawed foundation

"The president has said before he believes the Confederate flag belongs in a museum. That's still his position," Eric Schultz said.Lindsey Graham recently was asked whether or not the Confederate Flag ought to be removed from the South Carolina's Capital and his response was so poor that I concluded that the foundation of Lindsey Graham's character is that of a racist.

For a man that just thru his hat into the ring to run for the office of the United States Presidency, his response suggests that he is incapable of compassion for any non white Americans and his lack of understanding of the impact of the history of the confederacy to this day... validates that Lindsey Graham has a racist foundation seeded in loyalty to his racist family's past.

It is the lack of conscientious awareness of the year 2015 in which Lindsey lives that will ensure that those like him are nothing more that living relics from America's worst past.







Confederate Flag 'Has To Come Down' In S.C., NAACP Leader Says

Flag of the Confederate... what will it mean in 2115?

Cornell William Brooks

A Century is nothing more than a blimp of time when we consider the length of time a nation exists.

100 years ago, on this day, a black man could be lynched on any street pole without 1 person being held accountable as they gather and cheer his violent death.

Today, 100 years later, a black man is the President of this same nation that authorized the legalization to kill black people without being charged.

100 years from this day..., based on the current American Demographic serge of the non white American Citizen, the ratio of 100% white American to the non 100% white American will surely change the disposition of this once unbalanced and extremely racist nation to the extent that whites will find themselves in the minority and therefore,

find the whites in America susceptible to the same abuses that they orchestrated for more than 500 years.







Toyota's Top Female Executive Arrested In Japan On Drug Charges

Ignorance of a Nation's Laws is an unacceptable response

Julie Hamp

When traveling outside of the U.S., one should always make themselves abreast of any and all laws regarding the Nation that one travels too.

Similar to the U.S.'s laws associated with the treatment of woman and it's pertinences for Muslims who treat woman as servants that could quickly lead to jail time for a Muslim who abuses his wife, Americans must also realize that Asian Nations are particularly stringent when it comes to its drugs and the possession thereof.

For a top executive to claim unawareness of wrong doing by packing bags of pills under other items that she mailed to herself in an Asian Nation is a bit of a stretch for me to accept.

Ignorance or is it Deception?

Either of the two descriptions will lead to the firing of Julie Hamp, in that, embarrassing a top Asian Business is taken very seriously by Asians.

High ranking doesn't mean








Doctors, Nurses Among 243 Charged In Million-Dollar Medicare Schemes

If Fraud is capable, they will find a way

Every Government ran program is subject to possible fraud due to

Loretta Lynch

cronyism, nepotism, favoritism, racism &

no accountability.

When the worse that can happen to you is a fine or a firing, the incentive to not steal $millions isn't a thought.

Almost every level of the medicare industry has been taken advantage of based on the many weaknesses in a system that is ran by to many people who are not qualified to be in the seat of authority that they sit in.

The appalling and most egregious aspect of this entire story is that fact that people with phd's have degraded themselves to be labeled as  Convict.







Warriors win NBA title, down LeBron, Cavs 105-97 in Game 6

1 Against 9..., not fair... but... that's how the ball bounce

Warriors win the title

It took me all of the first quarter to turn the channel from the 6th Game of the NBA Championship Game for the year 2015.

The greatest player possibly... of all times just didn't have enough gas... and he just didn't have the team mates that were talented enough to play the basics of providing a quality offense or defense against a stacked Warriors Team.

In the first quarter, simple passes went astray or were stolen by the talented Warrior team members causing me to wonder...,

so... for 82 games in the normal season, these guys on the bench still haven't learned how to

"Pass, Dribble or Shoot",

yet each one of them collects and cashes a check every two weeks.

LeBron was over matched by 9 other team members and I said

LeBron Only.







Who’s Getting Arrested for Pot Possession in NYC This Year?

Whites focus on non white more

There is a thing about statistics that validates and or verify human Marijuana buds are displayed at a medical marijuana dispensary in Portland, Oregon on April 8, 2014.

known flaws in people.

Weed, in my opinion... a drug that causes far less harm to an individual than beer, qualifies to destroy the life of an individual because the judicial system is designed to control and not to educate.

The rates to which non whites are charged with weed possession as compared to the rates of arrests of whites being caught with weed is astonishing and directly reflects how whites whom commit the same crime are treated differently.

Fair is Fair

The complaint by many in law enforcement is that blacks are arrested more because blacks commit more crimes, when the reality is cops are 3 times more apt to release a white person for a crime of possession of weed thereby by invalidating that actual arrests stats that represent that blacks actual commit more crimes.







For Yemen's Ousted President, A Five-Star Exile With No End In Sight

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, left, shakes hands with Yemen's ousted president, Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi on May. 7 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Hadi and top officials in his former government have been living in a guest palace in the Saudi capital following his ouster by Houthi rebels. Talks on ending Yemen's war begin Sunday in Geneva.

America will never become appreciated in any Muslim Nation when we continue to support the same corrupt leaders that end up fleeing for has life while leaving death and destruction to take place in the nation he pledge to protect.

Yemen's President

Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi

is living in a 5 Star Hotel with all of the immunities that a president may enjoy because

he ran for his life when a conflict began in his nation.

What's wrong with this ?

Just as those two Ship Captains were the first to abandon their sinking ship while the passengers died

we have a sitting president jumping ship and is living very  well while those in his nation, are bombed and live like

war victims.







Amid Violence In Baghdad,
A Musician Creates A One-Man Vigil

The Cello is his tool used to fight fear and terror

Karim Wasfi, conductor of the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra, at his home in Baghdad, has been playing his cello at the sites of explosive attacks in Baghdad.

A bomb explodes in Bahgdad... destroying property and taking lives, an shortly there after, in the midst of all the panic,

a man with a Cello shows up and begins to play in such a manner that would only be seen in a highly anticipated concert.

Karim Wasfi..., a renowned conductor of the

Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra

is using his talent to make a louder noise than the noise of

terror and destruction.

With his talents... with what he does best...

is what he uses to fight back against the entity of radical terrorism who's intent is to destroy a nation and destroy a

desire to surivive in the innocent civilians who seek nothing less than to survive just another day.

For Karim Wasfi....

this is trully a phenonamal way of lifting the spirits of those who are in the mindset of caos.

It takes a unique individual to take the initiative to

do this.





changed 4/6



Walking Through The Eyes


When You Understand

Your Heart,
The Eyes Of Life

Will Not Matter To You

I was a very young and strong man,

a man that was scouted

as a top athlete by

professional organizations prior

to my graduating high school,

as well as being scouted

by the top engineering college

in the U.S.


as a student majoring in

Architectural Engineering.


of those two possible successful roads

ended up being my avenue of life.

I subsequently found myself

meeting a young woman,

and not 2 months after or first meeting,

she chose to stop taking

her birth control pills,

neglecting to inform me, thus,

3 months after our meeting,

I was informed that

I was going to be a father.


Not a uncommon beginning

to a young talented man’s life,


to the subject of this article,

I developed a inner degree of

believing in myself


who I am as a person,

to be able to write this short document.


4 Months into a relationship

isn’t anywhere near enough time

to know and understand a person

well enough to decide to marry a person,

which I did in my case,


the subsequent next 5 years of my life

was predictable…, in a word



The details are inconsequential,

suffice it to say,

I walked away from my marriage

with a damaged heart,

not because of my love for my,

then wife,

but for the two children

that I loved with all my heart.


The Next 20 years of my life,

I developed a mental understanding

of my required presence in my children’s life,

and its that required presence

in my children’s life that I taught myself the philosophy of
“Walking Through The Eyes”.


It seemed that each time

I would travel to visit my children

from distances of anywhere between,

4 & 5 hours of free way driving,

I would arrive at the home that

my kids mother lived,

and as I was allowed inside to pick up my

son and daughter

to go to a movie and have a pizza,

I would be met with 3 to 5 sets of


looking me up and down,

with piercing fierce focus.


The 3 to 5 sets of eyes were the eyes of

my “x” sisters, or friends,

who all seem to have just finished

talking about me as if I were some type of “disturbed child molester”,

and the collection of woman were just finished lambasting my existence,

as I walked up to the door.

The Atmosphere of hate and visual intimidation was thick enough to smell and feel,

and the coarseness with which I was

subjected to was intentional,

in a collective effort to punish me for

some deep hate that a woman has

for the man that chose to leave

her for any reason what so ever.


It’s the overwhelming force of the evil eyes

that would cause the average man

to opt to stay away from visiting his children,

and I know of many men who have.



I would tell myself

that my singular purpose of being physically

in the presence of the hate filled glares…,

of woman who seem to always

have just finished pow wowing

about what type of piece of crap I was…,

my purpose and my focus

was to see the two living entities

that filled my heart with

so much love that the force of the evil eyes,

just didn’t matter.


I taught myself, as being the

Outside Dad”,

how to walk through the eyes,

which is simply my focusing on

my reason for actually having to

knock on the door…,

my purpose was to see my children,

and have my children see their dad.


My Children were my responsibility and

they needed to see and

understand their dad,

they needed to hear me laugh,

see my smile,

hear my voice and touch my hand,

look into my eyes, and

simply understand my personality.


Understanding that my role,

as a father,

in their lives mattered immensely,

to who they were going to be,

what type of character they were going to have, what type of expectations that I have of them, what I will allow and not allow

in their daily behavior,

all of these things and many more,




having this understanding of my role in my children’s life,

my necessity to be a father,

outweighed my feelings of fear

of any two eyes,

especially fear of eyes that had no control

of my love for my two reasons for living.


I walked through the eyes

for many years,

to include the eyes of my “x” parents,

whom actually,

thanked me later in my children’s lives,

they thanked me for being a strong

dad and father to their grand kids,

after all those years of walking through

their eyes.


My Kids Grand Parents thanked me

because they recognized that it was their own daughter that was an issue and

my presence in my children’s lives

was the presence that allowed them to

survive a bad mother.

In fact,

it was the eyes of my children’s grandparents that eventually seen me

for who and what I truly am,

a strong man,

a man of great character,

and it’s my great character that

they see in their grand kids.


Know your heart

and know your character,

because if you do,

Walking Through The Eyes

will never be difficult


you will always attain your goals.



ASKFMB    07/26/10


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"No officer injured Mr. Gray, caused harm to Mr. Gray, and they are truly saddened by his death,"

Freddie Gray death ruled homicide; officers charged 5/1/2015


Slowly, America Shifts it's foundational behavior towards
"Equal Consideration"


400 Years of One Race Rule
has molded America as a
"Racist & Hypocritical Nation"
and the facts of America's History more than support this as being a case.




Diversity Affects already experienced



Read More



Spies of Mississippi is a journey into the world of informants, infiltrators, and agent provocateurs in the heart of Dixie.
Spies of Mississippi 5/15

Two Documentaries that define

America's True Hidden History

Slavery By Another Name...
an excellent documentary that specifically discusses the treatment of
blacks for the first 40 to 60 years after Slavery,
which provides insights into what lead up to
the 1950's & 1960s.


Slavery By Another Name
is the appropriate title, in that, after 1868 post slavery years,
blacks were criminally charged
based on any crime that a local sherrif
chose to dream up, jailed,
and then the sheriff would sell the jailed black person
to any company as
"Slave Labor"
for pennies a day,
re-InSlaving the black person
based on the authority of the
legal system.


What you will learn
is a fact that 95% of all Americans don't know...,
a lot of the deeds that were done to blacks
by a lot of the white males,
were hidden from their entire families,
and when you see a white woman
responding to the reality of the truth of her father...
after truly believing that her father
was treating blacks with respect,
then you will understand how some denial
is possible.



Read More




Dwyane Wade decides not to pick up option with Heat

Dwyane Wade, a perennial All-Star and Wadethree-time NBA champion, has decided to not pick up his option with the Miami Heat for next year, a source said Monday. Wade, who was scheduled to make $16.1 million next season, will automatically become a free agent Wednesday.

The Heat and Wade were at a contractual crossroads as the 33-year-old veteran faced a midnight Monday deadline on whether to opt into the final year on his contract.

Wade is believed to be seeking a deal that would average at least $16 million over the next three seasons.


Read More




Millions from Phil Mickelson tied to money laundering, gambling case

Phil MickelsonNearly $3 million transferred from golfer Phil Mickelson to an intermediary was part of "an illegal gambling operation which accepted and placed bets on sporting events," according to two sources and court documents obtained by Outside the Lines.

Mickelson, a five-time major winner and one of the PGA Tour's wealthiest and most popular players, has not been charged with a crime and is not under federal investigation. But a 56-year-old former sports gambling handicapper, acting as a conduit for an offshore gambling operation, pleaded guilty last week to laundering approximately $2.75 million of money that two sources told Outside the Lines belonged to Mickelson.


Read More



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Nora Lea Lynch, Letter to  Valerie Jarrett 3/10valerie jarrett


Justice Industry
Abuse & Corruption


400 Year Old Justice System, designed perfectly, but run by extremely flawed human beings 11/26Wilson's lawyers issued a statement Tuesday in which they say the 28-year-old officer and his family greatly appreciate the continued support of those who have stood by him.


What Happened to Kendrick Johnson?


Family demands answers in teen's mysterious death 5/13What's even more unimaginable for the Johnsons of Valdosta, Georgia, is how their 17-year-old son died: by suffocating after falling headfirst into a rolled-up gym mat at his high school on January 11.


What Happened to

Dominique Allen


Mysteries surround girl's death, burning in Indianapolis
Police believe she was abducted from the sidewalk in front of her sister's home early on the morning of Aug. 31. Her badly burned remains were found the same day, a mile away. She'd been strangled and then burned, most likely to destroy DNA evidence.




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Events that the 
U.S. Anti-Flooding System
can be used mitigate
loss of life,
huge losses in property,
devastating effects of flooding,
destructive damages of wildfires,
the U.S. Anti Flooding System
can be used for

National Security



Crews battle wildfires raging across four Western U.S. states raging across some 7,500 acres (3,000 hectares) and was just 5 percent contained, the San Bernardino County Fire Department said.


California's congressional delegation can't agree on response to drought 6/6



Heavy rains strand motorists in Dallas area 5/29Officials are keeping an eye on the state's rivers as the National Weather Service estimates nearly seven inches of rain fell in some parts of North Texas late Thursday night into early Friday morning





A Father's Eyes matter to all children, no matter where those are locatedvisiting Dad in a maximum security prison. The nonprofit group Hope House runs three camps to keep children connected with incarcerated dads who might not be close to home


The First Line of Defense against Mass Murder, is your Home





The American Party

The Demographic Melting Pot
Multi Race
Blacks, Hispanics, Asians,
Whites, Muslim, &
All Others.

Giuliani stands by Obama comments 2/22
Rudy Giuliani




Racism..., understand?  NO... well you have never experienced it. It's a thing that can only be understood if your a victim of it. Those who under state the affects of "racism", generally are the ones who happen to be the race that inflicts racism.


Civil Rights Attorneys Sue Ferguson Over 'Debtors Prisons' 2/12/15Tonya DeBerry and her childrenIndigency status mandates "no jail"for misdemeanor offenses



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Coalition 4 Change




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Obama Delivers Eulogy At Funeral For Slain Charleston Pastor

President Obama, delivering the eulogy at the funeral of the Rev. President Obama speaks during services honoring the life of the Rev. Clementa Pinckney on Friday. Clementa Pinckney, said the alleged killer of the pastor and eight other congregants at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church hoped to "terrorize and oppress" but that "God has different ideas."

Noting the public forgiveness expressed toward white shooting suspect Dylann Roof by families of the victims in Charleston, South Carolina, Obama said Roof "didn't know he was being used by God."

"Their church was a sacred place," he said, "not just for blacks, or Christians, but for every American who cares about the expansion of liberty. ... That's what the church meant."

"Blinded by hatred, the alleged killer could not see the grace surrounding him," the president said.

Following last week's shooting, Roof was apprehended by police.



Islamic State commits major massacre in Syria's Kobani: monitor

BEIRUT, June 26 (Reuters) - Islamic State fighters killed at least 145 The Kurdish YPG militia described the attack on Kobani as "a suicide mission" rather than an attempt to capture the town at the Turkish border.civilians in an attack on the Syrian town of Kobani and a nearby village, in what a monitoring group described on Friday as one of the worst massacres carried out by the hardline group in Syria. Islamic State pressed a separate assault to capture government-held parts of the northeastern city of Hasaka, blowing up a security building and triggering a government appeal for all residents to take up arms.

The United Nations said 60,000 people were reported to have fled the attack.

Islamic State's twin attacks which began on Thursday showed the group returning to the offensive in Syria after two weeks of defeats at the hands of Kurdish-led forces, supported by U.S.-led air strikes. Earlier this week the Kurds advanced to within 50 km (30 miles) of Raqqa city, the group's de facto capital.



Coordinated or not, attacks show Islamic State's growing reach

The attacks came one after the other in the space of a few hours. In Bodies of tourists shot dead by a gunman lie near a beachside hotel in Sousse, Tunisia France, a decapitated body covered in Arabic writing was found after an attacker rammed his car into a gas container, triggering an explosion.

In Kuwait, a suicide bomber blew himself up in a packed Shi'ite mosque during Friday prayers, killing two dozen. And in Tunisia, a gunman opened fire at a popular tourist hotel, killing at least 37 people.

There is no evidence the three attacks were deliberately coordinated.

But coming so close together on the same day in three countries on three different continents, they underscored the far-reaching and fast-growing influence of Islamist group Islamic State, western politicians said.

The ultra-radical group, which has claimed direct responsibility for the Kuwait attack, clearly now poses a threat far beyond its heartland in Syria and Iraq.

It urged its followers this week to escalate attacks against Christians, as well as Shi'ite and Sunni Muslims fighting with a U.S.-led coalition.

On June 23, Islamic State spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani urged jihadists to turn the holy month of Ramadan into a time of "calamity for the infidels ... Shi'ites and apostate Muslims".

"Be keen to conquer in this holy month and to become exposed to martyrdom."

Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren noted Islamic State had claimed responsibility for one attack and said the Pentagon was looking into "whether or not these various and far flung attacks were coordinated centrally or whether or not they were coincidental."

Even if they were not coordinated, two sources familiar with the thinking of U.S. intelligence agencies said, they were likely to have been inspired by Islamic State's call to jihad or, possibly, the one year anniversary on Monday of the group's declaration of an Islamic caliphate in Syria and Iraq.

Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said the attacks made clear that Islamic State's "ability to inspire and radicalize followers is a global threat and no nation is beyond its insidious reach".



Donald Trump's war with Univision gets nasty

Donald Trump's fight with Univision is heating up. On Friday he Donald Trumppublished an anchor's personal phone number, called for the resignation of a top executive and banned all of the channel's executives from using Trump's golf course in Miami.

"Under no circumstances is any officer or representative of Univision allowed to use Trump National Doral, Miami," the letter read.

Trump added a P.S.: "Please congratulate your Mexican Government officials for having made such outstanding trade deals with the United States. However, inform them that should I become President, those days are over."

Donald Trump's war with Univision gets nasty



Mother and baby survive plane crash

A young mother and her baby have been found alive five days after their 5 days after plane crash.... rescuedplane crashed in the jungle of western Colombia.

A Colombian Air Force chief described their survival as "a miracle".

Maria Nelly Murillo, 18, and her one-year-old son were found by rescuers near to where their small Cessna plane crashed in Choco province.

Ms Murillo had some injuries and burns while her baby appeared to be in good health.

A young mother and her baby have been found alive five days after their plane crashed in the jungle of western Colombia.

A Colombian Air Force chief described their survival as "a miracle".

Maria Nelly Murillo, 18, and her one-year-old son were found by rescuers near to where their small Cessna plane crashed in Choco province.

Ms Murillo had some injuries and burns while her baby appeared to be in good health.

Glimmer of hope There was no trace of Ms Murillo or her baby, Yudier Moreno, which the passenger list said had been on board.last week put a bright spotlight on white supremacists who use the Internet to organize, proselytize, and radicalize—a process that ended in bloodshed when 21-year-old Dylann Roof allegedly went on a killing spree motivated by racism.

The massacre has returned scrutiny to white supremacist communities online

attention their members have long attempted to avoid.

The entire world looks at the Internet more wearily since Edward Snowden revealed the NSA’s vast online surveillance operations in 2013.

Daily News

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