Alicia Dabney fought to get one of the toughest jobs around as a firefighter for the U.S. Forest Service. November 15, 2015 — Alicia Dabney fought to get one of the toughest jobs around as a firefighter for the U.S. Forest Service.

When she felt threatened at work, another battle began inside a federal agency that should be setting the standard for fair treatment.

This report includes some strong language.

Additional ASKFMB Coverage:

* America Designed by Victims of Governmental Abuse


* Alicia's letter to the Secretary of USDA

" I, Alicia Dabney, am a female Native American employee of the U.S. Department of Agriculture; U.S. Forest Service, Sequoia National Forest located in Porterville, CA. My duty station is the Springville Work Center in Springville, CA. My job is a GS-462-4 Forestry Technician (Firefighter) from February 2010 to present. "



Somalia's Al-Qaeda branch warns members against joining IS

Nairobi (AFP) - Somalia's Shebab fighters have warned they will "cut the throat" of members who shift allegiance from Al-Qaeda to Islamic State, amid reports some factions have already been punished for doing so.

"If anyone says he belongs to another Islamic movement, kill him on the spot," top Shebab official Abu Abdalla, said in a radio broadcast Monday.

"We will cut the throat of any one... if they undermine unity." The Shebab, East Africa's long-time Al-Qaeda branch, is fighting to overthrow the internationally-backed government in Mogadishu, which is protected by 22,000 African Union troops.



California regulators cut antiterror spending for power plants

A new state law mandating that utilities take steps to protect power plants Lawmakers didn’t specify where the commission had to make budget cuts, however — and last week, the agency took the money in part from efforts to implement antiterrorist legislation.from terrorist attacks is being held hostage in a fight between the California Public Utilities Commission and legislators over the agency’s $5 million legal tab in corruption investigations.

The Legislature slashed $5 million from the utilities commission’s budget this year, angry that regulators had hired outside lawyers as federal and state investigators probed allegations of official influence-



$4.9 million settlement reached in death of mentally ill homeless man

LOS ANGELES — Closing the books on a case that sparked debate about Attorneys for Ron Thomas, Kelly's father, confirmed the amount. "The contemplated settlement has been negotiated by the city's insurers and has been reviewed by the city," Jones said in a statement. "No city funds are involved in this settlement."how police deal with the mentally ill, the city of Fullerton on Monday agreed to settle a civil case involving the death of a homeless man who died in an altercation with officers.

The father of Kelly Thomas, who suffered from schizophrenia and died after an altercation with police, reached a $4.9 million settlement Monday, according to his lawyer.

Officials announced the settlement after a special closed-session Fullerton City Council meeting let out, the morning that opening statements in the civil suit were set to begin in Santa Ana.

City Attorney Richard Jones would not confirm the amount until it had been approved by the city's insurers.



In Mexico, fear as victims vanish at hands of police

TELOLOAPAN, Mexico — Carlos Sanchez lay in the backseat of a Then he pushed her onto the floor of the police truck's backseat, along with her cousin and sister-in-law. Another officer sat in the back with them. They thought they had been arrested, until the truck left the asphalt for a dirt road into the mountains. Then they knew they had been kidnapped by police. Honda sedan with his head in his wife's lap, an oxygen tube in his nose, IV in his arm and three bullets in his body.

The 36-year-old taco vendor cried out in pain at every bump on the pitch-dark highway to the city of Iguala.

Hang on, his cousin Armando implored, just 10 more minutes to the hospital.

Then suddenly, the interior of the car lit up like a flare.

Armando de la Cruz Salinas was blinded by the spotlight trained on them from a Guerrero state police truck on the shoulder of the road.

He continued to drive slowly through the thick night, but collided with another state police truck parked in the middle of the highway with its lights out.

A stocky man wearing a dark state police uniform with black steel-toed boots opened the front passenger door and pulled Carlos' sister out of the car.

He threw her up against the trunk, handcuffed and frisked her. A passing ice truck paused, but when the officer yelled, "it's not your problem," it pulled away.



Jamar Clark: Five people shot at Minneapolis police protests

Three white men wearing masks have shot five people protesting about fatal police shooting of a black man in Minneapolis, say witnesses.

None of the victims suffered life-threatening injuries in the incident on Monday night, and police on Tuesday said they had arrested one man.

Regular protests have taken place since Jamar Clark was shot by police 10 days ago. Police deny he was handcuffed. Police use of force against African Americans has been an ongoing issue.

Protests have been held nationwide for more than a year after a series of incidents, some of them fatal.

The shooting of the five protesters happened about a block from a Minneapolis police station that has been the site of demonstrations for about a week.

A witness told the Associated Press news agency that three mask-clad people, who "weren't supposed to be there", showed up at the protest site.

They soon left and were followed by a few protesters to a street corner, where the masked men began firing.

The shooting on Monday has prompted Clark's brother to call for an end to the protests "out of imminent concern for the safety of the occupiers".



Jeff Bezos' rocket lands safely after space flight

Jeff Bezos' rocket ship achieved a breakthrough Monday by traveling Jeff Bezos' rocket ship achieved a breakthrough Monday by traveling 329,839 feet into outer space and then landing upright upon its return to earth.329,839 feet

into outer space

and then landing upright upon its return to earth.

In the past,

rockets were disposed of after launching space craft into outer space.

Reusable rockets would substantially reduce the cost of space flight.

Amazon (AMZN, Tech30) founder Bezos started

his space company,

Blue Origin, in the hopes of using his New Shepard rocket to carry tourists into space.

"Now safely tucked away at our launch site in West Texas is the rarest of beasts -- a used rocket," Bezos said.

"Full reuse is a game changer, and we can't wait to fuel up and fly again."

Bezos, in an interview with CNN, said current space flight is inefficient -- as if airlines discarded 747 jets after each cross-country flight.



Chicago cop charged with murder in killing of black teen

CHICAGO (AP) — A white Chicago police officer who shot a black The state's attorney's office said in a statement that Officer Jason Van Dyke was charged with first-degree murder in the Oct. 20, 2014, killing of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.teenager 16 times was charged with murder Tuesday, just a day before the deadline a judge set for the city to release a squad-car video of the killing that officials fear will spark unrest.

The state's attorney's office said in a statement that Officer Jason Van Dyke was charged with first-degree murder in the Oct. 20, 2014, killing of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.

City officials and community leaders have been bracing for the release of the video, fearing an outbreak of unrest and demonstrations similar to those that occurred in Baltimore, Ferguson, Missouri and other cities after young black men were slain by police or died in police custody.

The judge ordered the dash-cam recording to be released by Wednesday after city officials had argued for months it couldn't be made public until the conclusion of several investigations.

Some community leaders said there was no doubt that the

Cook County state's attorney only brought charges

because of the order

to release the video.



Putin calls plane's downing by Turkey 'stab in the back'

Istanbul (CNN)One of the world's most volatile regions was roiled further One of the world's most volatile regions was roiled further Tuesday when Turkey shot down a Russian warplane near the Turkish-Syrian border. Turkey said it hit the plane after it repeatedly violated Turkey's airspace and ignored 10 warnings.Tuesday when Turkey shot down a Russian warplane near the Turkish-Syrian border.

Turkey said it hit the plane after it repeatedly violated Turkey's airspace and ignored 10 warnings.

Turkey and Russia exchanged bellicose language after the downing of the plane, raising fears in the international community that the brutal Syrian conflict could spiral into something much wider.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the downing of the Russian plane would have "serious consequences for Russia's relationship with Turkey." The shooting down of the plane, Putin said, "represents a stab in the back by the terrorists' accomplices.

I can't describe what has happened today in any other way.

Our plane was downed over Syrian territory by an air-to-air missile from a Turkish F-16 jet.



Dad, Awaiting Heart Transplant, and His Family Lose Everything in House Fire

Ian Weeks was on his way to give a speech about organ donation Nov. 4 Ian Weeks, 35, has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a rare heart condition that enlarges and thickens his heart. He was diagnosed in 2002 and received his first pacemaker on Nov. 4 that year, the day before his son Jeremiah was born.when he and his wife, Felicia, learned that their home was on fire.

They rushed home to Peachtree City, about 30 miles southwest of Atlanta, but by the time they got there, smoke was pouring out of the house so thick that they couldn’t even see it.

Three of their four kids had been home at the time.

The kids all made it out safely, though their youngest, Jaylen, spent some time in the emergency room.

The 11-year-old had rushed back into the house in an attempt to save his father’s medicine.

Jaylen knew that the medical supplies in the house were keeping his dad alive, and he thought that without them, his dad would die.



Racially charged battle among N.Y. jurors ends with chaotic mistrial

A racially charged battle among Bronx jurors ended with a chaotic mistrial But the jury could not reach a verdict on the remaining second-degree manslaughter charge. and the lone white panelist claiming he was threatened with bodily harm during deliberations.

Some of the other jurors — the remainder were black, Latino and Asian — said Juror No. 7 was a racist who argued that the black defendant must be guilty because a black district attorney indicted him.



Keno Roberts, 36, was charged with killing his 3-year-old stepson, Jordan Rogers, on Oct. 20, 2011.

After being held without bail for four years on Rikers Island, the jury acquitted him of murder earlier this month.



Man in prison for 16 years in LA's 'teardrop rapist' case has conviction tossed

LOS ANGELES — A Los Angeles County judge Monday threw out the The Los Angeles County district attorney's office joined the attorneys to ask Superior Court Judge William C. Ryan to release Vargas, saying the office "no longer has confidence in the convictions."conviction of a man who has spent 16 years behind bars for three sexual assaults his attorneys say were committed by a serial rapist still on the loose.

DNA tests last year on evidence from one of the attacks excluded Luis Lorenzo Vargas, 46, as a suspect and pointed instead to an unidentified man who has been dubbed the "teardrop rapist" wanted in dozens of sexual assaults, the attorneys said.

The California Innocence Project at the California Western School of Law in San Diego noted in court documents that prosecutors argued at trial that the same suspect must have committed all of the attacks linked to Vargas.

"The evidence now shows the prosecution's case against him was demonstrably false," the innocence project's lawyers wrote, saying it "points unerringly to Vargas' innocence."




Mali and neighbours in mourning as siege hotel yields clues

Mali Monday started three days of national mourning for the victims of The UN peacekeeping force in Mali, MINUSMA, however spoke of 22 fatalities, including two attackers.the jihadist siege at a luxury hotel that left 19 people dead in the capital Bamako, with neighbouring Senegal, Mauritania and Guinea joining in a show of solidarity.

The investigation was "following several lines" with no certainty about the number and nationality of the perpetrators of the attacks, which have been claimed by two separate jihadist groups. Gunmen went on the rampage at the Radisson Blu hotel from early morning on Friday, shooting in the corridors and taking 170 guests and staff hostage.

The assault, which ended when Malian and international troops stormed the building, left 19 people dead, including 14 foreigners, as well as two attackers, according to a "definitive" report by the government.

The victims included six Russians, three Chinese, two Belgians, an American, an Israeli, a Senegalese and a member of the Malian special forces.

The UN peacekeeping force in Mali, MINUSMA, however spoke of 22 fatalities, including two attackers.



European press responds to 'unprecedented' Brussels events

The counter-terror raids conducted by Belgian law enforcement over the Dutch newspaper NRC's headline (L) says 'Beleaguered Brussels', while Belgian daily De Standaard says one of the suspects is "still on the run" weekend and the lockdown of the capital Brussels have sparked varying responses in the European media.

Papers are much concerned with reflecting what seems to be a rising tide of fear on the continent.

Some commentators question the readiness of the authorities to deal with the threat posed by violent extremists.

In an article headlined "Relief and astonishment in Brussels in the wake of [police] operations" the Belgian Le Soir expresses the dramatic impact the "unprecedented" action is having on the country.

"One thing is certain: the lockdown paralyses Brussels and gradually the whole country in a climate of anxiety," it says. "The 'lockdown' of a city for a long period as a precaution against a terrorist threat is unprecedented, not only in Belgium."

The paper also accuses the authorities of creating "horrible confusion" by way of contradictory statements on the situation.



25K Syrian refugees to Canada to fly in from Jordan: envoy

Canada's ambassador to Jordan confirmed on Monday that the desert Canada's ambassador to Jordan confirmed on Monday that the desert kingdom will be the starting point for the journey of 25,000 Syrian refugees which the country will welcome from next month.kingdom will be the starting point for the journey of 25,000 Syrian refugees which the country will welcome from next month. Citing a leaked document, Canadian media last week said the government was planning to fly in 900 Syrian refugees daily from Jordan to Montreal and Toronto, starting from

December 1.

From there they would be transported to two military bases in Ontario and Quebec, where they would be temporarily housed, the reports said, giving a total cost of Can$1.2 billion ($900 million) for the operation over six years.



Gratitude Is Good For The Soul And Helps The Heart, Too

As we launch into Thanksgiving week, consider this: Research shows He wondered if the very specific feeling of gratitude made a difference, too. So he did a study. He recruited 186 men and women, average age 66, who already had some damage to their heart, either through years of sustained high blood pressure or as a result of heart attack or even an infection of the heart itself. .that feeling grateful doesn't just make you feel good. It also helps — literally helps — the heart. A positive mental attitude is good for your heart. It fends off depression, stress and anxiety, which can increase the risk of heart disease, says Paul Mills, a professor of family medicine and public health at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine. Mills specializes in disease processes and has been researching behavior and heart health for decades.



U.S. Bioterrorism-Detection Program Is Unreliable, Report Finds

A government watchdog says the Department of Homeland Security can't The system involves aerosol collectors deployed in 30 U.S. cities, including on top of buildings and in subways and airports. Personnel remove filters from each of the detectors and check them for the presence of airborne pathogens, a process that can take up to 36 hours. The program operated with an $87 million budget last year, according to the GAO.say for sure whether its system to detect a biological terror attack actually works. In a report released Monday, the Government Accountability Office says the BioWatch system has issued dozens of false alarms since its introduction. It recommends that Homeland Security, which oversees the system, hold off any upgrades until the department can be sure of BioWatch's current capabilities. The BioWatch system was implemented in 2003, two years after five people died and 20 others were sickened by letters containing anthrax spores.




Emanuel meeting ministers to discuss police shooting video

CHICAGO — Amid concerns about possible unrest, Chicago Mayor "We have been trying to meet with the mayor since the beginning of the year to talk about community relations and his staff asks for a letter and says 'We'll get back to you,' but they never do," Acree said.Rahm Emanuel invited ministers and community activists to City Hall on Monday to discuss the upcoming release of a video that shows a white police officer fatally shooting a black teenager last year. Seventeen-year-old Laquan McDonald was shot 16 times. Police have said he refused to drop a knife.

There is growing concern in the community about what could happen when people see the incident for themselves.

A judge last week ordered the police department to release the police car dashcam footage by Wednesday.

Two ministers invited to meet with Emanuel said they think the mayor will solicit their help in preventing the kind of unrest seen in Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri, after the killings of young black men by police in those cities.

"We are assuming he is going to ask us to call for calm," the Rev. Marshall Hatch said.

Emanuel's office characterized the meeting as something "we regularly do on important topics." But Hatch and the Rev. Ira Acree said it is a rare occurrence and shows the mayor is concerned there might be violence.



$21M Hatton Garden jewel heist biggest 'in English legal history,' lawyer says

London (CNN)Four men went on trial in London Monday for the Along with Hugh Doyle, 48, they are also charged with conspiracy to conceal, convert or transfer criminal property, while Doyle faces an additional charge of actually concealing, converting or transferring criminal property.audacious heist of £14 million ($21.2 million) worth of gems, jewelry and cash from a safe deposit company in the city's diamond district, described by a prosecutor as "the largest burglary in English legal history."

Thieves struck the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd.

over the four-day Easter holiday in April, gaining access through an elevator shaft before using a drill to bore through a 6-foot-thick wall and enter the basement vault, investigators said at the time.

Three of the accused -- William Lincoln, 60; John Harbinson, 42; and Carl Wood, 60 -- are charged with conspiracy to burgle



Trump on protester: ‘Maybe he should have been roughed up’

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Donald Trump on Sunday defended erroneous Donald Trump on Sunday defended erroneous claims he made about U.S. Muslims cheering the 9/11 attacks and said a black protester at a weekend rally here was “so obnoxious and loud” that “maybe he should have been roughed up” by white audience he made about U.S. Muslims cheering the 9/11 attacks and said a black protester at a weekend rally here was “so obnoxious and loud” that “maybe he should have been roughed up” by white audience members.

The Birmingham rally marks the latest example of Trump’s refusal to back down amid outcries over his often-incendiary racial and religious rhetoric — and comes as polls show him once again with a clear lead over the rest of the candidates seeking the Republican Party’s presidential nomination.

Saturday’s racially charged altercation occurred in Birmingham, famous in the 1960s as a center of the civil rights struggle.

The thousands who attended Trump’s rally were nearly all white in a city with a black majority.

Mercutio Southall Jr. — a well-known local activist who has been repeatedly arrested while protesting what he says is unfair treatment of blacks — interrupted Trump’s rally and could be heard shouting, “Black lives matter!” A fight broke out, prompting Trump to briefly halt his remarks and demand the removal of Southall.



Report: Many Eagles players dislike Chip Kelly

The sky is officially falling in Philadelphia in the wake of the Eagles’  The sky is officially falling in Philadelphia in the wake of the Eagles’ embarrassing 45-17 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday. If things continue along this path over the final six games of the season, a coaching change could come sooner rather than later.embarrassing 45-17 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday.

If things continue along this path over the final six games of the season, a coaching change could come sooner rather than later.

On Monday’s edition of “First Take,” Stephen A. Smith claimed he has spoken to people who cover the NFL and heard the same thing several times — many of Kelly’s players don’t like him.



Targeted By ISIS, These Yazidis Refused To Leave Their Beloved Mountain

There's something regal about Abdi Ismail. The white-bearded After their villages were overrun by ISIS last year, hundreds of Yazidis sought safety on Mount Sinjar, a place they consider miraculous. Many families, including this one, refuse to leave the mountain. paterfamilias sits cross-legged on a mattress, a scarf wrapped turban-like round his head, his children and chickens keeping a respectful distance.

Ismail's extended family lives in a tent stamped with U.N. logos. He's proud they're here.

"We didn't leave our mountain," he says. "We stayed here and we fought."

They've been eking out an existence on the rugged slopes of Iraq's Mount Sinjar since ISIS took their village of Tal Azer in summer last year.

"ISIS came and surrounded our village — they killed our men and took our women,"

he says.

The family is from the Yazidi religious minority, non-Muslims who've been brutally targeted by ISIS, which considers them heretics.

The extremists have killed, captured and raped thousands of Yazidis.

The corridor out was closed off; they were surrounded again. Aid agencies airdropped tarpaulins for tents and a little food and water, but for two months, they were hungry. They survived on wild plants and fed the babies tomato paste. It was bitterly cold.



LANSING, Mich. — Flint's fateful decision to sever its ties with Detroit as its supplier of drinking water went all the way up to the Michigan governor's office, state records obtained under Michigan's Freedom of Information Act show.Records: Mich. gov. office in loop on Flint drinking-water decision

LANSING, Mich. — Flint's fateful decision to sever its ties with Detroit as its supplier of drinking water went all the way up to the Michigan governor's office, state records obtained under Michigan's Freedom of Information Act show.

But whose fingerprints are on a subsequent and more damaging move — to get Flint's drinking water from the highly corrosive Flint River — remains much less clear.

On March 25, 2013, then-state Treasurer Andy Dillon and Gov. Rick Snyder’s chief of staff, Dennis Muchmore, held a telephone conversation about “Flint water supply alternatives,” according to records obtained by the Free Press under FOIA.

Baltimore riots: Emails between city leaders show chaos, confusion
(CNN)—Baltimore officials knew protests could erupt the day of Freddie Gray's funeral but were overwhelmed by the riots that followed.   Those are some of the details found in 7,000 pages of government emails the city released Monday.


Obama pledges solidarity with FrancePledging solidarity after the Paris attacks, President Barack Obama promised Tuesday to work with France and other allies to intensify the U.S.-led campaign against the Islamic State, saying America will not be cowed by the scourge of terrorism.


Carson backs off claims of American Muslims cheering 9/11Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is backing away from his Monday claim that he saw American Muslims celebrating the Sept. 11 attacks.


4 crew members dead after helicopter crashes at Fort Hood


Chicago community leaders expect protests over police shooting videoCommunity leaders who met with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said they expected protests on Wednesday when the city plans to release a disturbing video of an October 2014 fatal police shooting of a black teenager.


Is racism on the rise? More in U.S. say it's a 'big problem,' CNN/KFF poll finds


Police seek suspects after shooting near Minneapolis protest


Why Hispanics can't get NBC to apologize after Trump's 'SNL' gig


11 killed in blast on bus carrying Tunisian presidential guard membersblast on bus


E. coli infections linked to Costco chicken saladHealth investigators confirm a handful of cases of E. coli have been linked back to chicken salad sold at Costco.


USA TODAY GOP Power Rankings: Carson slides, Trump soars


Paris attacks: Ringleader Abaaoud 'was near' Bataclan theatreAbdelhamid Abaaoud


JFK assassination: Woman sues for return of filmA woman whose grandfather filmed the assassination of President John F Kennedy as a home movie is suing the US government for its return.


Syrian rebels say they downed a Russian rescue helicopter


Marium Mukhtiar, Pakistani female fighter pilot, dies in crashMarium Mukhtiar was on a routine training mission when her plane met an "in-flight emergency" over Mianwali district, the air force said.


A Mother Hangs Her Hopes On A New High SchoolAttending a new charter school, Jann Peña has had to get used to wearing a uniform daily and being in class an hour and a half later each afternoon


US economic growth revised up to 2.1% in the third quarter


Remembering Cynthia Robinson, Co-Founder Of Sly & The Family StoneJerry Martini and Cynthia Robinson


Egypt plane crash: Airlines cancel more Sharm el-Sheikh flights


15-Year-Old Boy Is Liberia's First Ebola-Related Fatality Since July


Behind Your Holiday Sweet Potato Dish, Hard Work In The FieldsHarvesting sweet potatoes: Workers sort the potatoes in the field, collecting small and large ones in different buckets. Each bucket weighs 30 pounds or so. A worker will shoulder that bucket and dump it into a flatbed truck 400 to 500 times a day. It's a daily load of six or seven tons of sweet potatoes.


Goodbye, No Child Left BehindIn 2008, President George W. Bush addressed his No Child Left Behind act. Congress now appears ready to overhaul the law, which is the nation's most important federal education act.


Dozens of 'white student unions' appear on social media amid racism protests


Minneapolis police arrest 2 men in shooting near protest


Turkey downs Russian warplane near Syria border, Putin warns of "serious consequences"


Kentucky governor restores voting rights of most felonsKentucky Governor Steve Beshear on Tuesday signed an executive order restoring voting rights to most felons in state in an action that he said will affect some 180,000 people.


Suicide Vest Is New Clue in Terror Manhunt


Eric Garner Grand Jury Transcripts Won’t Be Made PublicNearly a year after a Staten Island grand jury decided not to indict the police officers involved in Eric Garner's death, sparking massive protests,


'No one feels safe': New Orleans on edge after mass shootingNew Orleans officials are quite sure someone knows the identities of the shooters who opened fire on each other in a crowd of hundreds of people during a block party — and they are urging them to come forward.


The Latest: Russia pilot killed by groundfire in SyriaRussia's military general staff says that one of the pilots of the Su-24 warplane that was shot down by Turkey was killed by groundfire as he parachuted from his crippled plane.


3 charged with murder, robbery in shooting of Southern California police officer


IS militants claim hotel attack that killed 7 in Egypt's Sinai


Police: Pennsylvania state trooper shot in PhiladelphiaA Pennsylvania state police trooper has been shot in the shoulder after a fiery crash on a Philadelphia highway.


Japan rocket launches its first commercial satelliteA Japanese rocket lifted off Tuesday with the national space programme's first commercial satellite as Tokyo tries to enter a business dominated by European and Russian companies.


Tunisian President Reacts To Bus Attack: Country At 'War Against Terrorism'Tunisia's president has declared a state of emergency throughout the country and a curfew in the capital after an attack on a bus carrying his presidential guard that killed 12 people.


Black Oregon college student assaulted by three white men - police


Bomb explodes in Athens, injures no one


Violence flares as Kerry arrives in Israel


Amazon resets passwords that might have been 'exposed'


In France, Some See the Police Security Net as Too Harshpolice security forces


'Severe blow': Al Qaeda suicide bomber takes out leadership of key ISIS brigadeA recent suicide bombing in southern Syria shows the rivalry between Al Qaeda and ISIS is more than just a contest to see who can kill the most infidels -- the groups are using classic terror techniques on each other.


Cambodia reaching 'dangerous tipping point': UN expert


Watch Syrian Rebels Blow Up a Russian-Made Helicopter


Afghan Taliban ambush chopper after emergency landing; 3 dieTaliban insurgents on Tuesday ambushed a military-contracted helicopter that made an emergency landing in northwestern Afghanistan, killing three people in a shootout and capturing 16 others who were on board, Afghan officials said


EU sets up 3 billion euro fund for refugees in Turkey


West Bank car ramming wounds 3 IsraelisA Palestinian rammed a vehicle into Israeli troops in the occupied West Bank early Tuesday, wounding three of them before being shot, police and the army said.


US governor faces lawsuit for blocking Syrian refugees



Oil crash sparks OPEC revolt against Saudis



France attacks ISIS from aircraft carrier, launches bid to build coalition


Poll: 1 In 5 Americans Trusts The Government


Pastor says he picks 'love, not hate' after teen's arrest in pregnant wife's murderIndianapolis police arrested a teen and a 21-year-old Monday in the murder of Amanda Blackburn, a pregnant mother and wife of a preacher who was shot and killed in a home invasion, authorities said.


Police seek witnesses after 17 injured in shootout at crowded park


’Clock kid’ seeking $15 million in damages Two months after “clock kid” Ahmed Mohamed made international headlines, new details of his controversial arrest emerged Monday in a letter his attorney has sent to school and city officials in Irving, Tex.


Donald Trump's 9/11 celebration claim widely disputed


Donald Trump taps into deep Republican anger at government


Syrian Refugees Cling to a Longtime Haven in MichiganRadwan Mughrbel, 52, a Syrian refugee, called relatives in Jordan from his apartment in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., last week. He and his family arrived in the United States in July.


Trump retweets fake, racially charged crime data from non-existent groupDonald Trump retweeted an image Sunday that compares black-on-black murders to police killings.


Brussels on high alert as Paris attacker hunted


Pfizer and Allergan combine in biggest drug merger everIn one of the biggest corporate deals ever, Pfizer and Allergan announced Monday that they would combine to create the world's largest pharmaceutical giant.


Al Roker says taxi driver's snub was racially motivatedOne of TV’s most famous weathermen is speaking up about a recent taxi snub he feels was racially motivated.


Mali hotel attack: President calls for unity to fight terrorism



Police beating after high-speed chase in San Francisco under investigation

Video is the only defense for all citizens

Protests taking place in Minneapolis after a man was shot in the In the video, the officers strike Petrov with their batons more than 30 times before other officers arrive on the scene. Some critics likened the episode to the infamous 1991 Los Angeles police beating of Rodney King, which led to bloody civil unrest in Southern California after officers were acquitted the next year of wrongdoing in a state trial.head by police with some saying that the man had handcuffs on

and the police saying that there were never any handcuffs on.

The result is that without any video evidence to side with the citizen that was shot and killed,

99% of police shootings will not go to trial.

In this instance..., however, there is video evidence that reminds me of the beating that

Rodney King

took from the LAPD that was famously caught on camera.

The extent to which these two police officer's beat this man

is nothing less than a horrid crime.

After the initial tackling

of the man,

handcuffs was all that was warranted but,

the two officers beat this man senseless and this video is nothing less than the continued evidence that there are more than just a few bad apples that wear badges.





Spain issues arrest warrant for Benjamin Netanyahu

Lives were taken and accountability is required

Every 18 months, some type of conflict begins between Israel and In an ensuing gun battle, nine activists died. Most of the deceased were part of a Turkish NGO, the IHH, that has alleged ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.Palestine and in this instance, it was 18 months after President Obama took office and 18 months after the 40 day conflict between Israel and Palestine that took place as Bush was leaving office and Obama was taking over office.

Israel had instituted an embargo on the Palestinians

and the citizens of Palestine were unable to get daily needed items that one would consider part of modern daily life

and the result was loud complaints by many nations and many people...

all of which went ignored by Israeli leadership

so a group from Turkey attempted to deliver some products to the Palestinians and Israel's Military stopped and boarded the flotilla and the results were lost lives, and based on the facts....

lives lost was above and beyond what should have taken place, thus,

someone has to be held accountable.






Worried It's Alzheimer's? 8 Symptoms to Watch For

Fear is what I feel regarding Alzheimer's and Dementia

My Mother just had a stint in which she was diagnosed with the Is this forgetfulness unusual for the person (such as sudden memory lapses in someone who prided herself on never needing grocery lists or an address book)? Everyone forgets some things sometimes.beginning stages of Dementia and from what I have witnessed as to how the beginning signs affect her behavior...

I can only describe how I feel as being that of great fear for what my mom will become as this thing gets worse.

76 years of life is what she has and 73 of those years... she was completely healthy but over the past months,

I have a very understanding heart for those who have had a loved one to have succumbed Alzheimer or Dementia.






Roanoke mayor uses internment camps to justify refugee policy

Quality of Character display during times of conflict

"I'm reminded that President Franklin D Roosevelt felt compelled to sequester Japanese foreign nationals after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and it appears that threat of harm to America from [IS] now is just as real and serious as that from our enemies then," Mr Bowers, a Democrat, wrote.Solid and strong leadership displays in those who keep

a calm and rational disposition

during times of stress and conflict.

Those who are of great character

are people who are consistent

in they 'er behavior under all circumstances...

to include times of conflict and strife.

The Weakness in those in the seats of leadership quickly display

when the words that come out of their mouth are words of

ignorance, idiocy,

and words used to re-direct the blame onto someone else or

something else.

Weak Leadership

of any type ought to be enough evidence to remove a person, immediately,

in order to ensure that no one is abused.





Syria crisis: Assad says no transition while 'terrorists' remain

Syria's Assad is staying... regardless of who disagrees

"This timetable starts after starting defeating terrorism. You cannot achieve anything politically while you have the terrorists taking over many areas in Syria," he said.

5 plus years after the Syrian Citizens marched to replace Syria's leaders Bashra Al assad,

resulting in the total destruction of Syria and opening the door for the Islamic State,

Assad is once again thumbing his nose to any suggestion that he should leave so that any semblance of peace

could take place in Syria.

Forget about his military using chemical weapons on the

Citizens of Syria,

Forget about the continued use of barrel bombs used on the

Citizens if Syria,

Forget about the many validated issues of torture being used on the

Syrian Citizens,

so long as the international legal system refuse to call Assad a criminal, he has every right to opt to stay as the leader of Syria and Putin

can just kiss his ass


It is these types of people

in any type of leadership position

that cause this entire world

so much suffering.






These Students Were Told They Don't Fit Their College's "Mold" — But They're Fighting Back

The Need to rule others is a "Weakness"

"It was uncomfortable coming to CMC and seeing my home being better represented in the poorly paid, working-class staff rather than those more central to managing the school's trajectory and curriculum."It is a human character trait that represent individual weakness

when one individual must denigrate another human being

for any reason.

The Click, The Pack, The Gang, A Group,

all represent a label applied to a "number of individuals"

who feel a sense of value by being part of a pack of some sort

and it is within this pack that the individuals feel a sense of value. The Weakness of the lack of strength to stand alone

leads the individual to agree and acquiesce

to the pack's representation.

Not fitting a specific group's mold is simply a group's human character trait of bullying and belittling individuals based on a group of small minded individuals

who can only feel value when associated with a

"Click, Pack, Gang or Group".





Demands at Missouri similar to 1969's, but this time, action

Power force change when change is otherwise denied

In 1969, in Missouri,

and all around this nation of America,

Recent racist incidents, and the perceived lack of response by administrators, led to protests, a student hunger strike and a threatened boycott by the football team. It culminated Monday in the resignations of University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe and Columbia campus Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin.Black Students have been demanding equal representation and/or

fair and honest consideration...

yet all has been denied but to the few instances of those with good and fair hearts who have been able to award the few instances of goodness that were not denied by the bullies in their ranks.

The Power of Change

comes when the past dominated have something that can force a change because those in the seats of power

will not relent...

and it is those black souls that require forced change...

for then and only then will they change.

Once the change has taken place and there is nothing that the dark souls can do... only then do they voice words of remorse

based on forced attrition.

Forced Change isn't individually learned change

and those who have been forced to change

do not rate the acknowledgment

of change.





Hundreds of Mormons to resign over labeling same-sex couples apostates

When a religion isn't a religion

Those who speak as a representative of a religion,

One policy prohibits theusing words that demonize or belittle any human being,

speak from their own flawed hearts

and not based on the religion that they claim to represent.

To follow or stand with any individual who claims to represent a leadership in a religion that you support,

as that person spit vile and hurtful perspectives

as a rule or standard of any religion... is a display of

your own lack of understanding of what a "religion" truly mean. You give power to the religion and the representative of that religion when you stand at the religion side

as that religion is misrepresented by a flawed representative.

Religion is a individual interpretation

and not a group consensus.





CIA Documentary Sheds New Light On 9/11 Warning Signs


Those who forgot....

it was a known fact that the Bush Admin was provided with facts According to a new Showtime documentary, President George W. Bush was warned about possible terrorist attacks earlier than originally months prior to the 9/11 attacks and we have decided to forget that fact

but Donald Trump's reminder of the fiasco that took place before Obama took office, brings back the facts for us all to now recognize, and review the extent of the flawed leadership that

Bush represented.


there is a t. v. program that will go back and go over it all

in a manner that allows us to see how we allowed

emotions to affect our judgment as a nation.

Accountability Can Still Be Realized







Republican 2016 debate: Winners and losers in five key fights
Republican 2016 debate: Winners and losers in five key fights 10/31/15




After watching the latest iteration of the
Republican 2016 Debate,
one concept that kept getting repeated by the individuals
running is the
"let the states be the deciders of "that"", or
"leave that up to the states to determine".


since President Obama was elected,
anyone that understand the "demographic ratio"
that currently exist in America as they associate with
"Voting Blocks",
one could easily conclude that the republican party
in totality..., will no longer be able to win the
Presidency of the United States of America.


More than 20 times,
during this republican debate,
you heard one candidate after another,
repeat the point of big government
staying out of the state level decision making...,
specifically because republicans have long ago
decided to take over state level governments,
implementing their conservative anti social beliefs
within the confines of specific states
all around America.


The continued repeating of the statement,
"let the states determine that", or
"leave that up to the states",
are specifically designed
propaganda technique
planned and used by the republicans
and they truly believe
that no one is smart enough
to know what they are doing.

I DO.....

The Voters
that vote for the President
vote for the



Read More



MSNBC's Chris Hayes, Tarantino was given the chance to apologize, but he appeared to double down on his comments.
Quentin Tarantino Blames Police Brutality on 'White Supremacy in This Country' 11/5/15


Police Work For the Citizens



The Victim disposition of an
entire Policing System
is on display with each act of defiance,
with each instance of accusations of incitement against police,
with each refusal to perform properly and based on the law,
with each instance a cop suggests that being videoed is wrong.


Any Police Officer or any representative
of any Police Officer or any Police Department,
who assail any citizen for speaking his/her opinion that can be construed as negative against any police or police department...
are acting contrary to what the term
Serve mean.


Quentin Tarantino
spoke words based on his opinion and for that reason,
police representatives, who are over flowing with flawed character,
suggested that Tarantino references were directed at all police officers...,
an exaggeration that allows these individuals to suggest that
all police officers should boycott Tarantino's movies
when the reality is... the individuals that spoke of a boycott
isn't a leader because the first trait of leadership is


Policing other Police Officers is mandatory

Everyday, Police Officers ask citizens in every community in this nation...
to come forward with facts and evidence that will support,
and help with many of the thousands of crimes that take place weekly and when good citizens take the initiative to come forward,
it is often times the citizen's help that provided the singular peace of evidence that allow police departments to solve a crime and without that citizen's help, the crime would never have been solved.


Any Police Officer that kills...
and there is a video that suggests that the act of killing
was unjustified, any citizen has every right to call that police officer whatever he/she chooses and if the police officer is offended
by the label of "murderer",
then that police officer has every right to


Read More




Week Games Schedule


Week 11



Jags comes off a good win and they get another in this one

Staying in the Hunt is the objective


ATL has the least worse QB in this one

Burned by ATL again.  they lose


Rams are on a roll and they get another one

STL blowing it against a weak Ravens


harsh reality kicks in when the Panthers take this one

Skins gives up plenty again and the lose this time



Chicago gives it a good run but Denver still has a D

Denver sneaks away with a W with the back QB


Raiders keeps the ball rolling and stays in the hunt

Raiders is giving away the possibilities


The Jets gets back on track with
a W

Houston is hungry and they want into the playoffs


D comes to play and Romo just isn't enough

Romo brings home the W and Miami season just ended


a toss up in this one because TB is hungry

A beat down in Philly by the rookie and TB... wow


KC confidence after the Denver win is obvious

SD loses the 6th in a row and KC evens out the seasons wins and loses


Vikings re-writes the records and takes over the crown of the div

GB decided to play well in this div game


SF just can't get over the hump

An expected win and a required win for Seattle



Cincy takes another loss and this time it won't be a fluke

the Birds had the ball last which is why they won a good game


NE stays in the perfect category but the Bills didn't roll over in this one

missed passes, missed field goals, missed tackles and mismanagement of the clock and personel...

Sh!t rolls down hill.



Prognostications Stats



changed 11/24



Everything Comes


With a Price



One’s Life Baseline

is ones individual independent obligation free life.


The Person

is responsible for his/her

own life’s obligations

and no one else’s,

and no one supports the individual

in anyway.

This is called

one’s life’s baseline state.


The things that we include

in our life

that cause us to apply our

conscious focus…,

is what I call a

Conscious Cost”,

in that, each micro second

of one’s consciousness

is the currency,

and the total number of micro seconds

applied to a specific subject,
is the total cost of

"conscientious occupied costs".


As you can imagine,

there are some good conscious costs,

and some bad conscious costs,

and it is my practice

to attempt to ensure that I’m the one

that is in control of

when, where, and what

I spend my consciousness on.



sometimes in life,

we can’t always control

the good and bad conscious costs of life,



The Job that

you choose

to go to each day,

is a conscious cost,

and depending if the job that you

choose to go to each day,

could be a good conscious cost or

a bad conscious cost,

determined by the way that you feel

about your job,

whether you like your job or not,

or... if you like your job

but you dislike some of your work mates or not.


To dislike your job

means that you’re spending huge sums of

micro seconds each day,

in a negative conscientious state.



if your job is a negative conscientious cost,
" in consciousness, the costs never end exactly at the time you leave the environment, meaning, the spillover of negative occupation of your consciousness adds more costs far after you expect ",
it directly affects your life

far after you leave the job.


Consider a relationship,

how often are things good, and

how often are things bad?


Just as bad conscious costs spill over

into other areas of one’s life,

so does the good conscious costs.


The good conscious mind set

increases one’s ability to ward off

sicknesses, depression, and anxiety,

while increasing one’s ability to be extremely

efficient and productive in everything

that we do each day.


When a relationship/marriage

is bad and there are children involved,

the bad conscious cost

sacrifices the ability to love

and show love to one’s children,

because sensations of love

can’t occupy the consciousness

while negatives are already there,

and it’s these times that

our children’s conscious cost

also are negative.


Friends and Family Members,

who are constantly causing

disruption, discontent, and agitation to your life,

are negative costs

to your consciousness.


Neighbors in your community

who are argumentative,

who allow their dogs to get loose regularly,

who refuse to cut their grass, or,

who borrow but don’t return,

are negative costs

to your consciousness.


For me,

I understand how to control

the negative conscious costs in my life,

which involves reducing

the number of people that I socialize with each day,

to include family members,

friends, neighbors, and yes,

even my children.


It is my choice,


to allow positive people to cross

the thresholds of my home,

and deny entry to those

who display bad behavior character traits.


It’s my choice


to choose to go to a job

that lacks quality leadership,

allowing workmates to behave

unprofessionally, aggressively, or immorally, but,

it’s also my choice

to choose to not go to a job

that allows all of the above, because

I’m in control of

who and where I work.


It’s my choice

to choose to enter into a relationship,and

it’s my choice

to leave a relationship,

thereby controlling my negative

and positive conscious costs

associated with relationships.


How about you,

since everything has conscious costs…,


do you control yours?


Felton M Batiste jr.





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Words from the Heart

reaches inside the consciousness






your individual value,


your skills value,


seek more knowledge,

and never

allow a job

to define

your person




He also touched on the issue of abortion. He told women that they have the right to decide what happens with their bodies, "but it would be so tragic if the next Sitting Bull was aborted," or if Malcolm X, Martin Luther King or Jesus "was flushed away."

Thousands pack D.C. for 20th anniversary of Million Man March 10/14/15


How Powerful becomes



The Million Man March
was an unprecedented accomplished by
black men who chose to rise to be heard by this nation
which ignored every opportunity to treat black men with
dignity and respect.


Black Men
who had been degraded in front of their woman,
who had been humiliated in front of their families and friends,
who have been lynched for merely looking into the eyes of a white man,
who had been forced to acquiesce to demeaning jobs to feed their family,
who had peacefully and respectfully requested
equal and fair treatment under the law


Read More


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Physical altercation breaks out at Trump rally
The altercation took place between a black protester and a half-dozen white attendees, according to CNN.



Racial segregation, which mostly took place in Southern US states, was legal policy during his presidency from 1913 to 1921.
Princeton considers dropping Woodrow Wilson name after protests 11/22/15

So many worshipped in America

were supporters of racism


A coordinated terrorist attack hit Paris Friday night, killing more than 120 people, injuring hundreds more — and sending shock waves of grief, fear and anger across France.
PHOTOS: The World Responds To The Paris Attacks 11/17/15

Hidden within is Terror

in the Hearts of Barbarics



"It is a long-standing, systemic problem which daily affects our family of students, faculty and staff. I am sorry this is the case I truly want all members of our university community to feel included, valued and safe."

Black football players at Missouri: We'll sit out until system president resigns 11/8/15

Racism Ignored by Campuses

will now cause

College Financial Problems



Man charged with murder in East Texas camp killings

Explainable Evilness or is it Mental Flaw

The autopsy identified the dead as Carl Johnson, 76; Hannah Johnson, 40; Kade Johnson, 6; Thomas Kamp, 46; Nathan Kamp, 23; and Austin Kamp, 21.It takes a degree of evilness or a type of mental damage to kill people indiscriminately and so callously.

The warrant says the lone survivor, Cynthia Johnson, heard gunshots before Hudson returned alone to the campsite, chased her husband and daughter into a travel camper and shot them  "

Is it true evil in a person who is capable of killing in this way?

And if so,
does it mean that we should be aware of this type of evilness in some human beings?


is this type of killing capabilities the result of a flaw in ones brain that allows a person to consider the thought of killing in this manner and then in fact, carrying out the act of killing a group of people whom one does not even know?

Either way,

this is a scary person and one has to consider that this individual has done something of this nature before.






Vatican leaks scandal: Five people charged

Say it ain't so, Corruption within the top Religion

We are all "Human Beings" first

The books, "Merchants in the Temple" by Mr Nuzzi and "Avarice" by Mr Fittipaldi, included details of alleged corruption, theft and uncontrolled spending in the Holy See.We give religious representatives far to much credit

as being people of honesty and honor.

The Reality is all human beings are capable of all of the same types of sin, and I'd say that it has been to often that those cloaked in the cloth of a religion use their perceived honesty and honor

to manipulate and maneuver in acts and actions that would otherwise be construed as

flawed or poor behavior.

Theft, Corruption, Coercion

within the Vatican represent what we already have suspected long ago with respect to those who actually sit in the seats at the top of the Catholic Church.

Ignoring the many... perhaps hundreds of pedophilia incidents around the world can only be done by a religious leadership

that is capable of
stealing, lying, and coercion.






'Not in my name': Muslims hold peace rallies in Italy

Good... but say that behind closed doors

The "Not in y name" rally in Rome began with a minute's silence for the 130 victims of the Paris attacks, claimed by Islamic State jihadists Muslim around the world "must" take the fight directly to those among you that are radicals.

In your homes, in your community, in your nation,

Muslim non radicals must identify those who are radicals, and by doing so, you remove their hiding places and their ability to melt into the groups who seek refuge outside of your own nations.

I'm Sorry

isn't what a mother want to hear after her child is a victim of radical muslim's flawed decision to kill others simply because that person or that family does not worship the koran.

It is the Muslim obligation to act against the Muslim radicals to the extent that the radicals are not safe among you once you have a inkling that your loved one has chosen to join the

radical's ranks.




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Learn & Know your

On-Job Rights


Bribery and corruption at
I Ricardo E. Jones Sr, former Senior Federal Investigator of EEOC-NYDO from 4/9/01 to 4/1/10


Justice Industry
Abuse & Corruption


Video shows clash between officer, teen in Calif. 9/20/15

"Our officer then used weapon-retention technique -- he was able to get his baton back," Silva said. "If people would just comply with the lawful orders of law enforcement officers and if they didn't try to grab or take away weapons, force would never have to be used."



What Happened to Kendrick Johnson?


Family demands answers in teen's mysterious death 5/13What's even more unimaginable for the Johnsons of Valdosta, Georgia, is how their 17-year-old son died: by suffocating after falling headfirst into a rolled-up gym mat at his high school on January 11.


What Happened to

Dominique Allen


Mysteries surround girl's death, burning in Indianapolis
Police believe she was abducted from the sidewalk in front of her sister's home early on the morning of Aug. 31. Her badly burned remains were found the same day, a mile away. She'd been strangled and then burned, most likely to destroy DNA evidence.




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A system of the future

that can create

Jobs in

Every State"

Events that the 
U.S. Anti-Flooding System
can be used mitigate
loss of life,
huge losses in property,
devastating effects of flooding,
destructive damages of wildfires,
the U.S. Anti Flooding System
can be used for

National Security


Death toll rises to 6 in Texas floods

HOUSTON — A sixth death has been confirmed in Texas after another band of storms spawned tornadoes and flooding in this area Saturday, the second day that extreme weather hit the state.





Boosting Education For Babies And Their Parents 5/12


The First Line of Defense against Mass Murder, is your Home





The American Party

The Demographic Melting Pot
Multi Race
Blacks, Hispanics, Asians,
Whites, Muslim, &
All Others.


Republican & Democrat Parties No Future Plan 9/25


Trump wants donations, but 'no strings attached' 8/24
Donald Trump




Racism..., understand?  NO... well you have never experienced it. It's a thing that can only be understood if your a victim of it. Those who under state the affects of "racism", generally are the ones who happen to be the race that inflicts racism.


Why the deaths of Latinos at the hands of police haven't drawn as much attention 7/21
Kristian Ramiriez stands on the railroad tracks on Dec. 19, 2014 near the site off Downey Avenue in Paramount, Calif., where his brother Oscar Ramirez was shot and killed by deputies in October


Woman punched by officer during arrest sues Seattle for $1 million 4/26
Miyekko Durden-Bosley



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Coalition 4 Change
Tonya Ward Jordan
Coalition 4 Change




What I look for in a Man...



Anthony E. Griffin





Tell you the Truth to piss you off,
or Tell you a Lie
to make you smile"




Look into my eyes to see my heart



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If you "ask",

you relinquish your power....

If you "dictate",

you retain control

such that

you will never be

a willing victim.

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Myanmar landslide: 90 dead at Kachin jade mine

A landslide at a jade mine has killed at least 90 people in northern The state-run Global New Light of Myanmar newspaper said that many of the dead were asleep in huts when the landslide happened.Myanmar, witnesses say.

The victims were buried when a vast heap of waste material, discarded by the mining companies, collapsed in Kachin state, Burmese media reported.

Many of the dead were scavengers living on or near the waste dumps, who search through the debris in the hope of finding fragments of jade to sell.

The state of Kachin produces some of the best jade in the world.

The landslide in Hpakant happened in the early hours of Sunday morning, and there are reports of dozens more missing.



From Ferguson to Minneapolis: Crisis of confidence plagues police in wake of deadly officer-involved shootings

One of the most critical issues facing law enforcement is playing out now “We have been saying for a significant amount of time that Minneapolis is one bullet away from Ferguson,” Jason Sole, chair of the Minneapolis NAACP's criminal justice committee, told a Minneapolis — what, when and how much information to make public in the aftermath of an officer-involved shooting.

Authorities say 24-year-old Jamar Clark, a suspect in a domestic assault, was interfering with paramedics who were trying to treat his alleged victim early last Sunday when he scuffled with Minneapolis officers and was shot.

Clark, who was unarmed, died one day later.

Police have denied the accounts of some eyewitnesses who say that Clark was handcuffed before being shot once in the head.

The hashtag #Justice4Jamar took off nearly immediately on social media.



Egypt's top Muslim cleric says terrorism uses religion as front

CAIRO (Reuters) - Egypt's top Muslim cleric said on Saturday that  "It is a clear injustice, and blatant bias, to tie the crimes of bombing and destruction happening now to Islam just because those who commit them cry 'Allahu Akbar' as they commit their atrocities," Tayeb said.terrorism was a disease that used religion as a front and it was

wrong to blame Islam for crimes committed in its name like last week's Paris attacks. Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, the head of al-Azhar, the center of Islamic learning in Egypt, told a meeting of the

Muslim Council of Elders

which he heads that he condemned the Paris bloodshed

and an attack by Islamist militants on a hotel in Mali on Friday.



Texas man convicted of murder in 'stand your ground' retrial

HOUSTON — A Houston-area man was found guilty Friday of murder Prosecutor Kelli Johnson told jurors that Rodriguez started the confrontation when instead of calmly asking Danaher to turn down the music he armed himself with a handgun and a camera and proceeded to harass people at the party. Rodriguez lured and provoked Danaher and two other men to come out onto the street and threatened them by brandishing his gun, she said. Danaher and the two other men were unarmed and Rodriguez's life was never in any danger, Johnson said.for killing his neighbor during an argument over loud music.

The Harris County jury deliberated two hours before rejecting Raul Rodriguez's self-defense claim under Texas' "stand your ground" law and convicting him in the 2010 death of 36-year-old elementary school teacher Kelly Danaher, who was having a party at his house. Rodriguez recorded the confrontation on his cellphone in video that was shown to the jury. Rodriguez's attorneys argued that he feared for his life and killed Danaher in self-defense.



Princeton considers dropping Woodrow Wilson name after protests

Princeton University students have urged school officials to rename Racial segregation, which mostly took place in Southern US states, was legal policy during his presidency from 1913 to 1921.programmes and buildings named for former US President Woodrow Wilson because of his views on race relations. University President Christopher Eisgruber has agreed to consider their demands after protests. The School of Public and International Affairs and a dormitory at the Ivy League university are named for Wilson. As US president, he led progressive initiatives but supported segregation. Mr Eisgruber said he was thankful for the "willingness of the students to work with us to find a way forward".

Racial segregation, which mostly took place in Southern US states, was legal policy during his presidency from 1913 to 1921.



Vatican leaks scandal: Five people charged

The Vatican has charged five people, including two journalists and a top The books, "Merchants in the Temple" by Mr Nuzzi and "Avarice" by Mr Fittipaldi, included details of alleged corruption, theft and uncontrolled spending in the Holy See.priest or monsignor, over the leaking and publication of secret documents.

The documents were cited in two books, by journalists Emiliano Fittipaldi and Gianluigi Nuzzi, alleging misspending and corruption at the Vatican. The journalists deny claims that they exerted pressure to obtain information.

Two members of a papal commission advising on economic reform, and an assistant, were also charged.

Monsignor Lucio Vallejo Balda, and his colleague on the commission, public relations expert Francesca Chaouqui, were arrested early in November.



Amid Growing Youth Violence In Chicago, One Woman Offers A Safety Net

In a run-down stretch of Chicago's South Michigan Avenue, miles from Most of the killings have occurred in neighborhoods on the South side, most of those victims have been African-American and many have been teenagers and younger. On any given day, sirens and shots ring through the night. And in the morning, children, like the bright-eyed and bold 11-year-old boy Amari, often don't want to walk to school.the museums and skyscrapers, an army of foot-high paving stones stand on shelves along the street.

It's a handmade memorial to honor the young people who have died at the hands of the city's street violence.

A name is written on each of the 574 stones.

But they are not just names to Diane Latiker.

"This is the first stone that went up, Blair Hope, coming home on the school bus, 14-year-old got on the bus, sprayed the bus, trying to protect his classmate, girls next to him, and he was killed," Latiker says.



"The cops feel like it's like a local version of Benghazi," Lt. Bob Kroll, the head of the Minneapolis Police Union, told WCCO radio on Friday. Union chief: Minneapolis police worried protests may turn violent

Minneapolis (CNN)As protesters remain outside Minneapolis' 4th Precinct headquarters, some police officers are worried that the situation could turn violent -- and that if they do, City Hall will not have their back.

"The cops feel like it's like a local version of Benghazi," Lt. Bob Kroll, the head of the Minneapolis Police Union, told WCCO radio on Friday. "They are under siege.

Daily News

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